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84 thoughts on “How to Build a Private Blog Network in PBNGuru Style”

  1. Nice article parneet. what are your thoughts on new Domain authority 2.0?

    What minimum metrics you are considering while buying a expired domain ?

    There are so many places to buy expired domains. Any specific website or tool to find out domains faster? Heard that some guys fetch over millions of domains on 1 go.

    1. While buying an expired domain i check out many stats one of them main is RD & Wayback and then after these i jump to 3rd party metrics such as majestic and ahrefs anchor text and other thing 🙂 It would be better if i give this answer in a detailed blog post

  2. Hi Praneet,

    The post is really have detailed information which i didn’t get anywhere else. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us..

    I want to enter in affiliate marketing.. I am thinking to start from Amazon affiliate program but I have so much confusion in profitable niche selection for the affiliate website.. I would be very grateful if you give any advice or
    suggestions regarding this…

    1. Praneet Thakur

      Head over to your Mom now & ask what things she used when you were kid 🙂
      Note down all things and search product related to it
      Or Go to your Dad & ask anything which is rarely known by us,
      They know a lot about products they can help you selecting amazon affiliate product
      Find a product which is problem-solving to the user, you can even head to Reddit & search amazon products

  3. Thanks Praneet for this great article. Do you have any suggested tool/software to insert keywords on PBN websites ? Doing one by one takes very long time… specially if you have several money websites to work on =)

  4. when buying expired or auction domains for pbn sites do we also need to keep majestic metric of topical relevance in mind and make sure to buy domains that are related to your money sites niche in majestic? or it doesnt matter?

    1. That doesn’t matter until links are good, you can check my evaluating expired domains guide in which i shared how i choose domains when i needed to use it myself

  5. Yogesh Bhardwaj

    Why we should not use Guest Posting and Link Buying instead of managing the pbn which costs lots of money and efforts…?

    1. Because competitor can track your links, they can pay extra to Site Admin and replace your link with his links on other side PBN can’t be tracked, he can’t get link from it and many other reasons

  6. First time hears about pbn.
    First thought it pnb but its pbn i.e private blog network.

    Before this i have strategy to own some domain and networking. But after reading niw it look like it not easy task as i was thinking.
    I like that you considered pbn from google point of view, this is really fruitful thanx

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