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Why you need to Follow PBNGuru Strategy?

Written by Praneet Thakur

PBN is one of the least Discussed topic in SEO

SEO Gurus say PBN aka Private Blog Nerwork would lead you to Penalty…………

Do they Actually lead to Penalty? Do PBN Actually works in 2020?

PBN Guru was started with an aim to provide Perfect knowledge about PBN’s because many people are getting fooled in the name of PBN and all things are messed up, very few people know the real meaning of PBN and how they are build & works, to make people aware of PBN we started PBNGuru as PBNPedia for Internet Marketer’s.

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Praneet Thakur is One of the Best guy when it comes to PBNs
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Praneet helped me a lot with his PBN Consultancy Service to boost by Ranking in SERPs
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