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Hi! I’m Praneet Thakur. Thanks for stopping by.

Praneet Thakur

I am a Blogger / Online Entrepreneur who loves to read and write about technology kinds of stuff, being a Foodie & travel freak I love to share my travel journey and things which make me go curious over after Eating them, which I share with my followers through different Channels.

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PBN Guru was started with an aim to provide Perfect knowledge about PBN’s because many people are getting fooled in the name of PBN and all things are messed up, very few people know the real meaning of PBN and how they are build & works, to make people aware of PBN we started PBNGuru as PBNPedia for Internet Marketer’s.

Praneet Thakur Blogging Journey

I Started my first blog in November 2012 at that time, I use to copy paste existing site content which was on the first page of Google and duplicate everything to my blog, I was doing this thing just for mine passion to have my own name Blog, when I started my first Blog i was studying in 9th std it took me 1 year to know about Google Adsense that we can earn🙂 from Blogs.

I applied for Adsense and got rejected, then I started searching alternatives for Adsense and found some ad networks, I tried them on my blog but wasn’t earning much and then I started the reasons why I am not earning and got to know that other Ad Networks pay less compared to Google Adsense.

From the next day onwards again I started hard work to approve Adsense on my blog, I found the reason for disapproval for mine blog was duplicate content, so I created new blogs in APK Niche when I was in 10th but that time there were No Content only images, every post used to have 3 – 2 images only, One used to be APK Icon and other two would be Download button image.

Once again I was disapproved by Google Adsense after some Googling I realized that Adsense can’t be applied on blogs with Low Quality Content, at that time my knowledge for Google Adsense was that we can’t use Copied content on our Blog for using Adsense and Blog should have a good amount of Text Content.

I started a new blog once again with more enthusiasm and on this blog I use to share technology tips, tricks, reviews, and hacking stuff with my own written content in the year 2014 October  and at this time I was in 11th Std after half a year of hard work, I got to know that hacking stuff is not allowed and again my Google Adsense was Disapproved.

Till this time I was using Blogger.com and all of my Blogs were on Blogspot Subdomain, on Facebook I saw a person sharing the same website link again and again in different Facebook Groups, I visited that link and saw he was the author then I immediately pinged him that you wrote this content and is it your website, I was dump and to noob till that time. Amritesh Ganiger was the name of that guy.

He said me WordPress is the future and you should move to WordPress and start a new blog on custom domain cuz it’s your passion, he saw my blog and told me that I wasting time in this blog and should do a new start with new custom domain, he litten up the fire beneath me and in November 2015 I bought my first domain TeckFly.com

I started working on it, I was in 12th and my pocket money was 20-30rs per day so buying a domain name was saving money for a week and I wasn’t able to save any money, at that time Taskbucks app was famous, I used that app completed their offers and earn some few money from which I bought my first domain name TeckFly.com and for hosting my First WordPress Blog I used 000webhost and uploaded WordPress configured script to it because Softaculous wasn’t available at that time in CPanel

I followed tutorials which were available in youtube though I was new it took me a week for uploading the configured script to FileZilla 🙂and after 2 months I was able to see DownTime and Slow speed on my Blog then I moved to HostBuddy Hosting,  just because they were providing 3 months free hosting + 1 year hosting in 10$ plan.

All the knowledge which I learned from my past blogs I brought them all together and used in this new Blog and got my first Adsense approved with 7 Content of 1K+ words in 20 days and after 6 months of Blind blogging without Keyword Research and SEO.

Then after few days I met with Kiran Goud mine Second Blogging Friend after Amritesh Ganiger till this time I wasn’t earning anything but having Google Adsense and I was still doing blogging and posting articles on my blog just for my passion then he added me in PTI Facebook Group created by Iftekar Ahmed.

Earlier I wasn’t on any Blogging Group to get guidance I was just doing the whole thing myself and figuring out possible ways to earn because its more than 3 years being in Blogging I ain’t earned anything, the amount which I earned was in Ad network as it wasn’t able to withdraw it because of the minimum withdrawal amount, I learned all basic root things myself.

After being added in this group I found that there are many groups like this and how people are earning a lot of $$$$ with their blog, at that time I met with Ankit Raghav he told me that event blogging is a way to earn money in short term with hard work, I told to teach me too then he gave me a call on my number and introduced Basic SEO to me just like how to build Comment backlinks for event blogging after 2-3 hours of creating backlinks, I got tired and told him that event blogging isn’t for me.

I use to blog normally just for my passion and then use to share on my social account and FB groups to get traffic after 5 months of Adsense approval I earned 10$ and generated pin through it took a lot of time but I was happy I accomplished something.

Ankit Raghav uses to regularly do a free guest post on my site and took sitewide from me on his event blogging site after a couple of months I got to know that giving sitewide links to irrelevant blog isn’t good for SEO so I stopped giving him Sitewide.

After a few days I learned about affiliate marketing, CPA so I registered on Shareasale.com from my blog and account was approved but when applying for products none of the product wasn’t getting approved for promotion so I stopped wasting time on Shareasale and though a year was going to complete for my domain name and domain renewal period was near.

I ain’t earned anything that gave me real cash in my hand and I was thinking to drop my domain because I don’t have money to renew it, at that time Ashish Jain named person bought ShareASale account from me in which we made a deal that he will pay for my domain renewal at that time I was happy🙂  af.

I tried to explore more this community and started going Blogging & Tech Events to increase my knowledge at one day I found out something called Expired Domains at this time I was doing content writing to earn money cuz Blog wasn’t generating anything, so I decided to find out what is expired domain after googling a lot, the answer present on internet wasn’t sufficient to make me understand about it.

I thought wasting time on it isn’t that worth so I forgot it but after few days I saw Conor O’Brien named guy selling Expired domain at 20$ in which he would only he reveal the domain name and we have to buy domain name yourself from any Domain Registrar. till this time I was familiar with Moz Tool to check DA but not with Ahrefs, Wayback and other tools, I somehow managed to get DHG i.e Domain Hunter Gatherer.

I downloaded it and started fooling around with it and after 10mins using it, I found to how to hunt expired domains from it and then hunted a good domain and got Ahrefs from group members and posted Stats in group and on same day I sold expired domain, at that time I found earning money on the internet is easy after you earn your first $ from internet.

I repeated the same steps for 6 months and stopped content writing work because selling Expired Domains make me more money. Then I saw people selling Guest Post another method to earn money online, one day randomly someone posted he is organizing a small workshop about PBN, I attended that workshop organized by Udit Goenka where I learned about PBN.

I researched a lot, created some for my self, then used it on my blogs it took me a lot of time to rank with PBN cuz developing and building PBN took a lot of time, but they were of low quality then I started using other Expired Domain Hunting Tools and found Scrapebox to be the best among all.

Conor O’Brien taught me Expired Domain Hunting and I appreciate him a lot for this, then I started doing event blogging earned some few $$$ from it and started many blogs which I won’t reveal any way to increase my competition also started a lot of Online things more than Blogging.

After working with PBN for nearly 3 years, I got enough knowledge about Expired Domain & Private Blog Network.

I saw people sharing things that PBN is not Safe, and fake things so people don’t use them and increase competition, creating a lot of fake myths which made SEO’s confusing to use PBN or not.

To Remove myths and provide real Knowledge about PBN I started PBNGuru. Though 3 years are very less in the SEO Industry I am sharing all real and workable knowledge with my readers in this blog.

I create Ten dozens of PBN for my Clients every month and all the tactics which I am using, sharing exact same strategy and knowledge in this blog.

To every person who indicates me with PBN Guru, I say them “Not a Guru, but have enough knowledge to share about PBN’s and help other Internet Marketer to know about PBN”.