Domain Hunter Gatherer Review – Is it the Best Expired Domain Tool?

Domain Hunter Gatherer Review - Is it the Best Expired Domain Tool

Whether you want to build a private blog network, authority sites or do 301 redirects, grabbing some of the best expired domains is the crucial step. Expired domains are useful in building out a brand new authority site that ranks above the competition and to build a handy and robust private blog network that can improvise the link profile for all our sites as well as client’s sites.

Expired domains play a crucial role in doing some extraordinary SEO things!

Finding a worthy expired domain with good stats is a challenge in itself. You need to check out lots of metrics like DA, trust flow, age, etc. and verify if the domain is banned on Google. You must also check out if there are any spammy links.

There are a few things you must consider before deciding to purchase an expired domain. It’s boring as well as the tiresome process. SEOs are always in search of efficient expired domain tools that make the expired domain hunt a smooth process.

Domain Hunter Gatherer automates your expired domain search and makes it easy for you by bringing all the essential metrics and other factors on a single dashboard.

In this guide, we’ll review Domain Hunter Gatherer by exploring all its features. We’ll also compare the Premium and Pro plan. With a great package of tools like Auction Hunter, Web 2.0 hunter, DomRecovery, etc., Domain Hunter Gatherer seems to provide every tool that makes it a sheer convenience for internet marketers to hunt the best expired domains quickly.

Let’s see if Domain Hunter Gatherer is the best expired and aged domain tool in the market today! What are the Best Tools in Domain Hunter Gatherer?

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Domain Hunter Gatherer Review

Domain Hunter Gatherer Review – Is it the Best Expired Domain Tool?

Domain Hunter Gatherer Review
Domain Hunter Gatherer Review

Domain Auction Hunter

There are dozens of domain auction websites on the internet, and it’s not an easy task to follow up the auctions happening on different websites. The Domain Auction Hunter tool brings all the sales and auctions you are, or you may interest on a single platform. You do not need to spend time to cover each and every domain auction site as you’ll have all the best deals on your Domain Hunter Gatherer dashboard. You can adjust the settings to get the auctions from only specific websites. Most of the mainstream domain auction websites are available on Domain Hunter Gather.

Here are some of them.

  • Flippa
  • Dynadot
  • GoDaddy
  • Huge Domain
  • SnapNames
  • Bido
  • NameJet

and many more.

We have to go through a long list of domains to pick one goldmine. The best thing about this tool is you can check out the quality stats each domain with single click thereby making the domain hunting easy and also reducing the chances of wrong purchase.

You can also search for domains by entering the keyword on Domain Auction Hunter. It explores all the auction sites and generates a list of your keyword related domains that are put on sale on the domain auction sites.

What makes this even cooler are the filters! Yes, you can set up filters to the software to narrow down the domains that are in specific price range or specific metrics, etc. So, it takes really less time to hunt down the dream domain. You can also save the filters so that you do not need to load them every time. It supports metrics like Social Shares, Domain Age, Majestic Stats, Moz Stats, etc.

The problem with most of the domain hunting tools is they generate the results at snail pace. DHG runs at a multi-threaded speed which makes the domain hunting process easy and fun.

The Domain Auction Hunter is available on both Premium and Professional plans. However, if you want to scrape the expired domains, you need to have a Pro account.

Expired Web 2.0 and Blog Hunter

Expired Web 2.0 and Blog Hunter
Expired Web 2.0 and Blog Hunter

The Web 2.0 and Blog Hunter gathers a ton of deactivated or expired web 2.0 and blogs like WordPress, Tumblr, Blogspot, etc. that have a high link profile and social signals. They got expired for some reason, and we can directly register or sign up for free to get some powerful links.

The Expired Web 2.0 and Blog Hunter tool on Domain Hunter Gatherer lists down all the web 2.0 and blogging accounts that are available for registration. Getting backlinks from the web 2.0 properties that have good social signals and link profile certainly boosts our sites on SERPs.

Generally, it’s challenging to track down the expired web 2.0 accounts. DHG is probably the only software which has got the tool that does this job well.

You can enter the keyword and get a list of expired web 2.0s in your niche. As like the Domain Auction Hunter tool, you can make use of excellent filters to get the required results.

If you are running an SEO agency, you may need to get links for wide-range of websites. The backlinks for authority web 2.0 sites have an astonishing effect on rankings. If these web 2.0 have strong social signals and great backlink profile, they may boost your ranking within less time.

It’s impossible to search a significant number of expired blogs or web 2.0 accounts. Expired 2.0 Hunter tool works magically and fetches dozens of expired web 2.0s on any niche giving us scope to create several powerful backlinks

Expired Domain Hunter

Expired Domain Hunter
Expired Domain Hunter

Probably the best tool on Domain Hunter Gatherer. It’s exclusive for Pro plan subscribers. Expired domains are super-valuable. But the problem is it takes immense effort and dozens of hours to find the one that matches our niche and other requirements.

It’s often frustrating to go through a bunch of auction sites to find a single expired domain. SEOs and bloggers spend hundreds of dollars and still the uncertainty of whether it’s going to pay off remains in their minds.

The Expired Domain Hunter which you get in Domain Hunter Gatherer package is a handy tool that makes your expired domain search easy and hassle-free. You need to enter your niche in the search box, and it crawls all the auction websites and lists out the best-aged domains with active backlink profiles.

There is no need to enter in the irritating bidding process, higher fees as you can scoop up the chosen expired domains with DHG within minutes.

You can select the metrics in filters which include – Social Shares, PR, Domain Age, Majestic Stats, Moz Stats, and other things. It saves you a lot of time and provides you an edge over your competitors.

If you are spending thousands of dollars on premium domains on auctions, try using the Expired Domain Hunter to discover dozens of aged expired domains every day.

You can get the expired domains based on the niche keyword which you enter in the search box. Or else you can upload the list of expired domains on DHG dashboard so that it provides you with the stats and their availability. If you are searching for an efficient expired domains finder tool, probably DHG is the right fit for you!

Expired Domain Hunter provides four ways to discover expired domains. Here are the four ways in which DHG helps you to find the expired domains

It searches a list of keywords in search engines.

It reverse crawls and tracks the domains that are linking to the pages of your competitor’s website.

It seamlessly crawls the website to find expired domains.

It goes through the imported webpage list to track the available domain names.


DomRecovery is an exciting tool. Content creation is always a problem, especially for PBN websites. A content writing service and designing service can be expensive. DomRecovery magically retrieves the content from the Way Back Machine archives.

The beauty of those old content pieces is they do not have any footprints in the search engines. Internet Archive has got backups thousands of websites from 1996. DomRecovery fetches the old content on your domain from Way Back Machine so that you can resurrect it within no time.  You can also copy the same theme or template. DomRecovery helps you a lot in speeding up the process of building your PBN blogs.

Easy Expired Domains

Easy Expired Domains
Easy Expired Domains

Easy Expired Domains is an awesome tool that finds tons of expired domains based on your keyword. It lists out the great niche targeted domains very efficiently. It makes it quick and easy for marketers to scrape the domains.

This tool works perfectly even without using proxies or any other services. The interface is simple, and anyone can find out numerous authoritative expired domains within minutes using this tool. There are over 16 filters which helps you to narrow down the search to your requirements.

It covers more than 700 TLDs and all the domains it lists out are available for registration. This tool is only available for Pro plan subscribers.


DomDetailer is a simple tool that presents you with all the statistics from Moz and Majestic on your dashboard. It includes CF, DA, link count, referring domains, PA, trust rating, rank, and some other metrics. DomDetailer is only available for Pro plan subscribers. You’ll get 50,000 API calls every month for Mox and Majestic, and the best part is you do not need to signup for any of those services.

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What are the System Requirements for Running Domain Hunter Gatherer?

Domain Hunter Gather is a pretty light software. If you are using a computer that’s bought in the last 3-5 years, DHG runs without any hassles. Your computer must be equipped with Windows XP or later operating systems and at least 2 Gigs of RAM. However, here are the recommended specifications.

  • Windows 7 or later
  • Dual core processor or more
  • 4 GB RAM.

High-Speed internet makes it comfortable and easy for you to find domains on this software. Also, the developers recommend using private or shared proxies for running this software. Though you can use Domain Hunter Gatherer without any proxies, the chances of it hunting the best quality domains with perfection will be better if you use them.

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What makes Domain Hunter Gatherer One of the Best Expired Domain Software?

DHG provides users with a bunch of power-packed features that gives it a slight edge over its competitors like DomCop. The core purpose of buying expired domains is to beat the competition.

We need to have powerful tools handy to generate compelling backlink profiles that help our sites to stand on top of Google. DHG is undoubtedly one of the top choices for anyone who finds value in aged expired domains.

With unique tools like Web 2.0 Hunter, DomRecovery, etc., DHG makes it easy for you to build and manage the PBNs. When it comes to finding the expired domains, the Doman Auction Hunter and Easy Expired Domains accelerate the hunt and get us access to some of the top-quality aged expired domains.

The best thing about this software is we can set it to autopilot mode. Saving and loading the filters saves us a lot of time. Here are some of the things that made DHG one of the best expired domain tools in the market today.

User Interface

DHG has a clean and intuitive interface. It makes it extremely easy for the user to streamline his hunt as everything is done from a single dashboard. It supports all the critical metrics that are expected by SEOs and internet marketers from an expired domain tool.

The filters are the best part of Domain Gather Hunter. We can save the filter presets and load them whenever we want. All in all, Domain Hunter Gatherer makes us feel pleasure when we are hunting the expired domains.

Demands Low System Resources

Most of the expired domain tools consume lots of system resources that make it very difficult for the SEO to use the software. As DHG runs on multi-threaded cores, it works super efficiently ensuring that finding expired domains a seamless process. Of course, it would be great if the developers create a Mac version.

Video Guides

First of all, DHG is an easy software to handle. But there are some tricks that make the expired domain hunting more efficient and hassle-free. You can find dozens of video guides on the official website of Domain Hunter Gatherer covering all the features of the software.

For instance, if you want to use the filters and want to know how to save them for later use, you can find a video guide on that topic on the website.


DHG is reasonably priced. You just need to pay $17 for the premium plan that gives you access to most of the crucial tools. $97 for Pro plan is definitely worth it especially if you are dead serious on your SEO efforts. Both the plans are worth for money, and the tool pays by itself as you can find hundreds of expired domains every month.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You’ll get a considerable discount if you opt for a Pro plan and make an annual payment. You can try Domain Hunter Gather risk-free, as they provide a 30-day money back guarantee.

In case, if you are not satisfied with the software for any reason, you can get the complete refund within 30 days with no questions asked.

Comparing Premium and Pro Plans

Here are the tools you’ll get the Domain Hunter Gather Premium plan

  • Domain Auction Hunter
  • Web 2.0 and blog hunter
  • Enter keywords and search the niche specific expired domains.

Additional Features in Pro Plan

You’ll get all the tools from Premium plan. Here are the additional features in the Pro plan.

  • DomRecovery
  • DomDetailer
  • Easy Expired Domains
  • Domain Spam Check

The details of these tools are mentioned in the above section of this guide. There is a 30-day money back guarantee on both Pro and Premium plans. DHG Premium is priced at $17/mo, and DHG Pro is priced at $97/mo.

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Domain Hunter Gatherer Vs DomCop

Feature Domain Hunter Gatherer DomCop
Doman Auction Search Yes Yes
Domain Extensions 70 41
Niche-specific Domain Search Yes Yes
Platform Desktop

Compatible with Windows

Not available for Macs

Web-based application

It can be accessed on browsers on both Windows and Mac computers

Metrics Majestic

Trust Flow and Referring Domains, Moz Domain Authority and Referring


Ahrefs Domain Rating and Referring Domains, Majestic

Trust Flow and Referring Domains, Moz Domain Authority and Referring

Domains and SEMrush Rank

Wrapping up

Overall, Domain Hunter Gatherer is one of the top-notch tools that help you beat your competitors. It improves our productivity during the expired domain hunt with its extraordinarily intuitive and clean interface and speed.

There are very few tools that provide us with everything we want during the expired domain search on a single dashboard. With powerful tools like Domain Auction Hunter, Easy Expired Domains, DomRecovery, Domain Spam Check, Web 2.0 Hunter, niche-targeted aged-domain search, DHG is probably the best expired domain software in the market today.

DHG is definitely a must-have tool for internet marketers who wants to quickly and efficiently hunt down the dropped and expired domains that are left by their owners. Without efficient tools like DHG, it takes hours of intense search to find and choose an expired domain.

Though there is no trial version, DHG provides a 30-day money back guarantee which makes it risk-free to try this software.

If you are fed up with other expired domain tools, give DHG a shot, and you don’t regret. The video guides on their website and YouTube channel help us to use this fantastic tool in more productive ways.

It has a dedicated development team that’s continually working on improving and updating the software to add new functionalities.

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