Evaluating Expired Domains is a tough task in this post I am going to share a real strategy every Expired Domain Scraper / Hunter should use and what all things you should consider before buying Expired Domains.

Are you planning to start a new blog with a fresh domain or using it for 301 Redirection to pass Link Juice?

If yes,

then I will highly suggest you read this article thoroughly to understand how you can save your time as well as so much effort developing a fresh domain into an authority site by buying an expired domain. Seems interesting?

Let me take you to the depth knowledge of expired domains.

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Evaluating Expired Domains



Evaluating Expired Domains – 10+ Things you should consider before buying Expired Domains

What are Expired Domains?

Once a webmaster forgets to renew their domains or simply if they don’t have money to renew them or whatever the reason is, the domain registrars give them a 30-day extension to renew the domain. Even after the 30 days, if the webmaster fails to renew the domain, then the domain goes to redemption period if no action is taken at that time then it is declared as an expired domain. Now you can register those expired domains at the price of a fresh domain.

If you still wondering how to find Expired Domains I have written a detailed guide over it, don’t forget to check it out.

Do you know each day, thousands of domains get expired?

If you know how to use those expired domains, you can make $$$$ every month without so much effort and investments.

Here are some of the best ways to use these expired domains

So, these four are the best ways that you can follow to make $$$ to $$$$ figure income every month.

Once you get how to make money with expired domains, here let’s talk about the five best things that you should consider before buying an expired domain.

The first and the most important thing that you need to check before going for an expired domain is the backlink profile of the domain. After analyzing the backlink history, you can easily understand that it was used for spamming or not. To check the backlinks profile, you can use AhrefsMajestic or CheckDuck.

To check the backlink profile with the help of Ahrefs, you need to follow the steps given below-

If you don’t have Ahrefs, you can use majestic as well to evaluate Expired Domain.

Simply enter the URL of the expired domain and go for Historic Index in place of Fresh Index. Here you will see all the old historic backlinks that are pointing to the domain. Here are four things that you need to check and if they have such kind of links, leave that expired domain. These things are

Here we have a video which explains how you can check the backlinks with the help of Ahrefs because I always trust Ahrefs for such things and even you should.

Check the Wayback Clean history of the expired domain

Evaluating Expired Domain - Check the Wayback Clean history of the expired domain
Evaluating Expired Domain – Check the Wayback Clean history of the expired domain

Another thing which is very important to check in an expired domain is its history. You need to check wheater it was used for the spamming purpose or not. If it was previously used for spamming, then it is very obvious that you can also face issues because of that. Here is how you can check the history of the domain.

So, for checking how the domain was previously used, we will use the Wayback Machine. Wayback machine is internet’s archive. It stores the data a website had in history; all you just need to enter the URL of the expired domain and click on browse history.

Wayback machine will show every single snapshot of the website that was stored on their Ser4ver for that expired domain. By checking the content on the site, you can understand whether the website was used for spam or not. It is the best way to determine that you should go for that domain or not.

Here are few points that determine a site was used for spam or not, and if that domain has such kind of history, don’t buy that domain-

These are some of the factors that determine that a domain was previously used for spamming or any illegal purpose or not. Even if the domain was previously used for redirection and holds great metrics, I won’t suggest you go with that one unless most Quality links are live and redirection which took place was for less than 1 year.

If you find a Domain name which holds great metrics but was redirected to its same TLD or ccTLD version than don’t worry you can use them also because their intention was a pure Brand Name change and not link juice passing for SEO purpose.

Check Expired Domain has any penalty or banned from Google

Let suppose you got a great domain with a great brandable name and good authority, but if it has any penalties or banned from google, then there might be no use of that domain. Now there is no official tool that you can use to check that domain is banned or not. All you can just try some methods to assume but still, you just cannot confirm it.

If the domain is expired recently, then there are chances that its pages will be still indexed. For this, you can simply go to google and search for site:domain.com. If you see your site there, then you can go for that domain, and that domain is not banned from Google. But in case if you are not able to see your site there, then you can use some tools that help to determine if a site is banned from Google or not. Though these sites are not 100% correct but still, it can be helpful at least.

Now if we talk about the manual penalty, so for this, you need to buy the domain and it to your Google’s webmaster tool to determine if the domain has any penalty or not. If the domain has high authority backlinks and you just want to buy it, and in case if it was banned then you can use Google Reconsideration Request to request them to unban the domain.

Despite the fact it can be unbanned, I won’t suggest you go for that domain.

Check for Facebook and Adsense Ban

If a domain does not comply with the terms and conditions of Google Adsense, Google bans that domain. Though this is not the major thing to consider still, if your main goal to make a blog, then I will suggest you check because It offers a great way and high commission to monetize your blog and make some extra bucks.

To check if a domain is banned from Adsense, you can go with Adsense Sandbox, which is a free tool to check if a domain has Adsense banned or not. All you just need to enter your URL and that’s it; it will tell you that your domain is banned or not.

Also, I will suggest you check whether the domain is banned from Facebook or not. For this, you can simply text the URL of that expired domain to any of your friend in facebook or post it in your timeline. You’ll get the text from Facebook if it is banned though you can remove facebook ban by contacting their team. But still, It is a risk buying that domain.

Check for other metrics like Moz & Majestic

Well, I personally don’t believe in checking the metrics such as DA/PA, TF/CF, and all when I am buying a domain. It’s because I know that if a domain has great quality backlinks, that’s enough. But the thing why I suggest you check these metrics is because many peoples who buy an expired domain usually check these too and pay for these metrics.

Here is an example, one of the expired domains that I ever sold just had DA 28 and I sold it to $850; That domain was sold at 850$ because of the backlinks that domain was carrying. The buyer didn’t even ask me about other metrics; he just saw the domain, the backlinks, and way back history, and that’s it, few more examples are at the end of this post.

The moral of the story is if you find someone who knows how SEO works would never ask for other metrics they would only focus RD i.e Referring Domains. These other metrics are for those who else wanna setup a PBN or at the learning phase of SEO.

Now why I am telling you to check these metrics is because the majority of buyers you’ll get will be from the second category of buyers.

Check Domain for Trademark

Check if that domain contains trademarks or not. If a domain name contains the name of any company, then there might be some consequences in the future. I’ve seen many websites making $$$$ to $$$$$$ per month faces some legal issues just because their domain had names of popular brands. To check if your domain has something like, this you can use US trademark search engine.

Check number of Domain Drop Count

Check for the number of drops a domain had in his entire life. If a domain has more than 5 to 7 drops, I will suggest you check the Historical data and the backlinks carefully and if you’re not sure about that, leave the idea of buying that domain.

PBNGuru Secret Checklist

I wish i won’t but i have to share my Secret Checklist while selecting Expired Domains by Scrapping or buying it from Auction and for which purpose.

TBH all things which you read above throw them in trash these are all basic deails which every SEO guy knows, being your PBN Mentor it’s my duty to share every knowledge about PBN.

Only thing matter in Expirred / Auction Domains is “Links” & “Cleanliness

Now, you found a XYZ Domain name which has good links but bad Historical Data?

People say ignore it!

But, you shouldn’t, if links are damn good 🙂

But, in some times you need to actually ignore it even Links are good.

You would be thinking i am confusing you, but i am not confusing you, just like John Mu says everytime on Twitter for most of the SEO Tweets “It Depends

Only 1 thing can help you choosing Expired Domains that is Experience & how you get it? by taking wrong Decision 🙂

But i have already taken a lot of wrong Decisions & i feel i have enough Experience so i am sharing Case Study for what purpose, what things to ignore & what things to select.

Now, people following me after reading my content would copy things from my blog & post in their Blog as it is their own views, if you are doing this you are most welcome to do it but mention our Blog if you want & don’t be a jerk.

Case Study 1: Need Expired Domain for PBN

If you are Evaluating an Expired Domain for your PBN Blogs you need to check Wayback for Clealiness, if you are using CheckDuck Expired Domain Analysis Tool only select domains which has Clean Score 4 & 4+ 

Why you need to check Wayback because you can’t risk sharing a footprint, Good Healthy wayback leaves the footprints of OLD Domain Owner, so it’s good for you & your PBN Network.

You don’t need to worry which language site was & on which niche was you can convert them event if it was in Chinese, just translate the Chinese page into English then read the content it should not be in Adult Niche, if it is you have to ignore the domains most of the time but sometimes you can buy such domains to Diverify your PBN Network

You need to check Links but i preffer less the amount of links low the spam is 🙂

Get Less Domain links but Quality ones

If you are using CheckDuck i would preffer Link Score 3 and above with Domain Score 1.5 & above

Case Study 2: Need Expired Domain for Money Blog

For you Money Blog you don’t need to worry which language site was & on which niche was you can convert them for Wayback just like Case 1 but for money Blog you need to foucs more on Cleanliness of the Domain.

Clean wayback helps you to play good in long term game.

You need to check out Links as you always do

Case Study 3: Need Expired Domain for 301

In this case i preffer amount of Links to the domain & ignore wayback Data for it but still i preffer to select 3+ Clean Score & Link Score Domains because before redirecting Expired Domains

i make that blog live with some contens, so google index that content & then redirect it making it look like authetic 301 Redirection just like ReBranding or Acquiring that Brand under another Brand.

Link Juice which passed are more powerful & this way redireection becomes one of the safest method.

Don’t forget ot check the Bonus section i have also shared a secret which no one shares openly.


So, here are some more things that you should check before going for a domain,  if you found 301 Redirected Domains which is dropped & available to register but Link Profile are Damn Good, that can be reused again because links are still live and Link Juice is still flowing in that Domain.

LinkJuice is like Water from the River they always flow on the direction which they are enrouted until some one blocks the path, same works for LinkJuice they flow from one Blog to Other until they found an end stop on a Domain which they can’t flow further or URL which hasn’t linked to anyone.

To maintain the LinkJuice path White Hat SEO guys say you should Link you Blogs to worthy content in your Niche.


Hunting or Buying an expired domain is a very difficult task because there are chances that you might ruin your money and time if you wouldn’t choose the right one. I hope this Evaluating Expired Doman guide will be helpful to you.

If you are buying a domain for yourself for the long term, I will suggest you go for a brandable name from Auctions or from an Expired Domain Seller. In the long run, a brandable domain can help you in many ways. Though still, if you can make a blog or site generating $$$$$ every month, you’re not going on a wrong way. 😉

If you found difficulty in Analyzing Domains you can use CheckDuck Tool, worht to try tool for every SEO Guy.

It was my side, how and what I think before buying a domain, I would like to hear your side as well. Please share your views in the comment section below. Also, if you have any questions or doubts, shoot them into the comment section, and I will try my best to help you.

Also, share this article with your friends who are learning SEO because this will be very helpful for them.

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