How to Build a Private Blog Network

How to Build a Private Blog Network

PBN is one of the powerful link building technique that you can try out. It gives you the ability to get instant authority for your blog and rank higher in SERPs. However, creating a PBN link is not easy to task.

You either buy a link or build your own Private Blogging Network or PBN. However, going with purchasing link is not the best option as well.

Since most of the PBN link sellers sells spammy backlinks which can hurt our blog. Hence most of the people always go for building their own PBN.

Now the question is how to build a private blog network?

Well in case if you have this question in your mind.  Then do read on and follow our guide to build your first ever PBN network.

But before we go ahead and talk about how to build a private blog network. Let us give you an overview of PBN. PBN is neither a Black Hat technique nor a White Hat Technique, it’s a combination of both so it is called as Grey Hat Technique.

How to Build a Private Blog Network

How to Build a Private Blog Network

What is PBN?

PBN stands for Private Blogging Network. A PBN is basically a collection of different websites with a high authority and Good Referring Domains that is built for taking backlink to your own money site.

Since authority & Good Quality, backlink matters a lot to rank a webpage on SERP. Hence different bloggers and internet marketers build a PBN which can help them to rank higher in the Google search results.

Most of the websites in a PBN network is not linked to each other because it will create a footprint in the eye of Google and you don’t want to create any footprint so Google Detects your PBN and punish you, the main goal of every PBN website is to pass link juice to the money site.

In case if you do not know what money website stands for, well money site refers to the main website that you want to rank and generate revenue from it.

The main Idea behind the private blog network is that the links that are going to your money site should look natural. Else Google will penalize your website, and there is nothing that you can do.

So that was a small introduction of the PBN network. However, there are a number of people who have this question in their heads if PBN still works or not?

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Well, let us answer the question for you…

Do PBNs Still Work to Rank Websites?

This answer is same like*

Backlinks help in ranking or not?

If you are looking for a short and simple answer, then the answer would be “DEPENDS”.

There is no surety if your website will get benefitted or not. However, links from authority & Regular updating websites under the same or Related niche still work. And that is the only reason why people are still talking about PBNs.

If your website is about technology and you are taking a link from the health niche based website, it won’t be powerful much enough and won’t pass that much link juice to your website. But if you are taking a link from the technology blog to your technology blog. Then it will definitely boost up your rankings in SERP by sending most of the link juice from the page to your website.

Apart from this, there is one more question that most people have in their minds. If it is against Google’s Terms and Conditions or not? So let’s go and talk about it:

Is it against Google Policy or not?

Of course, it is against Google Policy. PBN falls under the Grey Hat SEO technique. You simply cannot just go ahead and use some black hat techniques to rank your blog and make money out of it or use the White Hat SEO technique to wait around a long time and then get ranked.

This world needs a faster solution with Smarter minds to fool Google SEO Experts started developing their own Personal site to get backlinks, over and over a year this strategy gets modified due to Google getting far smarter about his Search Results and want “Best” Site to be ranked on google search results.

Instead, Google will only help you out if you are willing to spend money on Google Ads and get the traffic.

According to Google, Creating a Backlink by yourself is unnatural and it’s against Google Policy.

However, this does not mean, that you cannot use PBNs on your blog. As long as you are playing with it in the safe way you are safe.

Anyway, that was enough to talk about the PBN. Now let’s just talk about our main question that says how to build a private blog network? So here we go:

Buy Expired Domains

The first step is to buy an expired domain. However, when it comes to buying an expired domain, it is not easy to play the game.

In fact, choosing and purchasing the right domains for your PBN is a lengthy process and one of the main and difficult task while developing a PBN

You should always go for domain names which is pretty old aged have good enough stats and the domain drop rate is low. Also, make sure that the domains have a good backlink profile.

The last important thing that you need to focus on is that the domain was used for a real website in the past or someone created it for PBN or it was of some foreign language. If you end up registering a spammed domain, then it will not be profitable for you anyway. Instead, it will harm your Website and waste your money.

I would be soon sharing a detailed guide What things to check before buying an Expired Domains, you can check this guide and filter expired domain yourself for your next High Quality PBN. So Bookmark this Page.

There are many places from where you can buy Expired Domains some of the places are mentioned below

  • Facebook Marketplace Groups
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Legiit

Expired Domain Auctions

You can also buy from Auction if you need something more transparency with domain names before buying them and buy according to the flexible stats which you need and of your choice then you can buy them from Auctions

  • Namecheap domains
  • Godaddy Auctions

Expired Domain Hunting Tools

If you want to scrape/hunt Expired Domain by yourself, below I have mentioned some of the Free and Paid tools which can provide you with Expired Domains or read my Detailed guide How to Find Expired Domains using below-mentioned tools.

Some tools to check domain quality

Ahrefs: This tool will help you to find a domain’s backlink profile, Domain Rating, and other metrics.

If you finding difficulty with Expired Domain Quality then check my Evaluating Expired Domain Guide. With the help of you will be able to see the complete history of a website. This will help you to know how the website looked in the past. What type of contents the website had in the past. As well as The will let you do a complete audit on a particular domain. Using it you will be able to know the domain age, Google metrics, social media activity plus a few others link information.

BackLinkWatch: The BackLinkWatch is one of the best tools when it comes to finding the complete link profile of a specific domain. But, it is not as accurate as of the paid tools. However, it is free to use, and it will do the basic job.

Registering Domains

Registering a domain name seems an easy job right?

Just visit a domain registrar and make the purchase. But when it comes to registering domains for PBN, well it is not easy at all. There are a bunch of critical factors that you should keep in mind. So you will not end up harming your PBN network at all.

The thing is that Google is smart enough to identify the domain names that you own.  Since we have to enter our contact details while registering a domain, It is easy for Google to track the domains down even you buy Whois Protection, Google is still able to check Domains Whois Data because Google is ICAN Registered and have rights to check Whois of any Domains. However, to make it easy for you, here are a couple of points that you should keep in mind while registering a domain name

  • Do not register all the domains at once. Instead, register each of the domain between 2 days or 3 days of a gap. For example, you can register 2 domains in the first week and the second two in the second week.
  • Do not purchase the same TLD Domains for your PBN network. Instead mix the up the TLDs and use domain extension like .com, .info, .org, .net, .co and other ones.
  • Use FakeWhois details for your every domain. Since Google uses this information to track the domain names. Hence you better use different emails and phone numbers for your every domain as well as fake information. However in some cases, if you use fake registration details, the domain registrar blocks your domain at moment of purchase or after some time, so it is important to preserve a copy of data where you would be storing all the data that what details you entered while buying a domain and all other important details related to that domain name & account. In such cases, your WHOIS protection is of no use because Google can see everything, all the details you entered while buying that domain name so It is always better to buy Domain name from a trusted Registrar.
  • Do not register all the domain names under the same registrar. For example, if you have registered a domain name with GoDaddy, then use Namecheap to purchase another domain name. Apart from these two some of the popular domain registrars are the 1and1, namejet and so on buying all domain from the same registrar would leave a small footprint.
  • Don’t’ use Google Chrome, Gmail or any Google Products for managing and maintain PBN because Google tracks everything and using it would yourself giving all PBN data to Google.
  • Use temporary Email or some other free email provider which is not affiliated with Google at all.

If you follow these simpler rules while purchasing a domain name, Chances of Google tracking your PBN would be reduced. This way your PBN and your money site will stay in the safe zone.

Hosting your PBN Network

Now coming to the main part which is hosting the PBNs. Well hosting the PBN Domains is one of the important parts of PBN.

There are numerous things that you should keep in your mind while building your PBN network and also don’t follow them blindly instead find a reason why you should follow them and then follow it.

One of the factors of PBN to get void is hosting also, before hosting your PBN in any shared hosting, check the IP address for another website which is hosted on the same IP, they should be genuine and real blogs and not spammy type blog which you can identify just by seeing them.

If you make any mistake in this step, then you will end up running the whole PBN network.

Anyway, to give you a better idea, here are a couple of steps that you should keep in your mind:

  • First of all, each of the websites must host a unique IP address. Hence you better avoid hosting multiple domains in the same shared hosting plan. Alternatively, same web hosting provider.
  • The website hosting servers must locate at different places in the world. If you host all the PBN websites under the same location or data center. Then Google will easily be able to spot your PBN footprint and ban you.
  • No matter if you are getting hosting for your main website or PBN network. Uptime is the main factor that you should consider. That is why before making any web hosting plan, consider reading the reviews.
  • Web hosting plans should not be too complicated to manage. Instead, choose the web hosting plans which are easy to manage. So it will be less hassle for you.

So, these are a couple of points that you should keep in mind.

Now the question is how to choose a web hosting plan?

Well, there are three things that you can do while purchasing a web hosting plan for your PBN:

  • First, you can choose a web hosting company that offers PBN Hosting. This will cut down the process of hosting multiple domains at multiple web hosting providers and would reduce your lot of effort and time. Since PBN Hosting comes with a dedicated IP and offers a wide range of server locations. So, you will easily be able to host your domains with fewer footprints. But nowadays, Google knows the existence of such a hosting company so this might be a problem while hosting your PBN, but PBN Hosting Service providers always try to be safe and provide best for their customers to make them PBN marked Safe. I have listed down some of the best PBN Hosting providers in the market you can check them at our PBN hosting Review / SEO Hosting Review blog post.
  • Alternatively, you can use multiple web hosting service providers to host multiple domains. There are so many web hosting providers out there that offer pretty cheap plans. However, this will eventually raise up the hosting cost, would consume a lot of time and difficult the process of maintaining PBN.
  • You can use Premium Shared Hosting Providers like, GoDaddy, iPage, WPEngine, Inmotion or go for any cheap Shared Hosting provider but for cheap hosting provider the issue is other people might also host their PBN on the same network so chances of getting caught increases.
  • The last thing that you can do is get yourself a VPS plan. VPS is also a great way to host multiple domains. Since it lets you assign a dedicated IP address for your every domain. As well as you will be able to host multiple domains under the same plan. Moreover, it is cost effective, but you will need a hell lot of knowledge about server management to get started with this.
  • You can also buy a combo hosting + Domain offer from different web hosting providers so it would make your managing work a little bit easier.

Choosing a CMS for Your Blog Network

When it comes to choosing a CMS for the PBN. There are so many people out there who consider using a different CMS for each of their websites is that.

However, the truth is that there choosing different CMS for each PBN website will not help you anyway. Nor using the CMS for each website will harm your private blog network at all.

That is why we would advise you to use the same CMS for most of your PBN websites and mix it with different CMS providers in a ratio of 7:3. Choose a CMS that is easy to use and manage. Also when it comes to easy to use CMS, WordPress is the best one out there. Plus, almost every web hosting providers offer WordPress with their plans.

Building Your Websites without Leaving Footprints

Using the same CMS for most of your PBN websites might not be leaving any footprints. However, making them look like the same one will definitely make Google think that there is something going on and will make it suspicious about your PBN network.

Hence, if you are thinking to use the same theme and plugins for your PBNs. Then, this is a huge footprint that you should avoid.

Instead, consider each of your PBN website as your primary domain and make them look legit.

However, to give you a better idea, here are a couple of things that you should keep in mind while building each of your websites:

Custom Logo

Create a new logo for each of your domain, this will make Google think that your website is a genuine one. However, there are many people who are not good at logo designing. If you happen to be such a person, then you can hire some cheap logo designers from Fiverr or Upwork or create one by yourself using Canva.

Use A Different Theme

Do not use the same theme for each of your websites. Instead, keep a different theme for each of your PBN websites. WordPress offers a hell lot of free themes that you can use. So you do not have to spend anything on WordPress themes at all but I would suggest using premium + Free themes together in a ratio of 7:3

Add Genuine Pages: Before you go ahead and post content on the blog to get backlinks. Make sure the blogs have all the necessary pages. You should Create and Publish About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Terms, And Conditions page, Contribute, Team and other necessary pages for each of your website. However, you can copy and paste these pages content. But make sure the About, Team, Contribute and Contact page has a different email and contact details because this would help in the citation of a PBN

Use Different Plugins

You should also use different plugins for your website. For example, if you are using Yoast on one of your blogs. Then use the SEO framework plugin for another one. There are so many free SEO plugins are available, so you do not have to worry about using the same one again and again. There are millions of blogs which uses Yoast plugin for SEO, so no worry if you use this plugin in most of the PBN’s again and again

Unique Content

Do not use the same content for each of your each PBN blog. Instead, create unique content for each of your blogs. However, we do know the fact that writing content for each of your blog can be a hard task.

For this, you can hire cheap content writers. Or you can write content and rewrite it again and again for each of your blogs. Also, you should not publish the contents on the same day. Instead, schedule your posts and include images, videos and everything else to make the content look authentic in a drip feed publishing manner or you can do is Spinning the old publish content but that’s not worthy.

If you are in a low budget you can restore the content of Expired Domains, doing such won’t harm you and it would be plagiarism free, before posting check the content in plagiarism tool checker.

Build Backlinks

Do not interlink any of your PBN Websites in a PBN Network. It is a straightforward invitation to Google for getting a penalty. Even this is one of the biggest mistakes that people make while building a private blogging network.

However, if you interlink the blogs, then it will surely give you a huge boost in SERP but due to the interconnection of PBN blogs and money site risk of detection gets increased. That is why you should only use this technique for your micro-niche websites and not for your long term websites.

Also, do build backlinks on your PBN blogs. For this, you can purchase blog comments, web 2.0 properties, forum posts and other things from different online websites. Usually, these types of links are spammy, but since we are not applying them to the main blog directly, so there will be no harm.

Design Basic Pages

Design Basic Pages
Design Basic Pages

About Page: Add some 300-500 words unique content and change title in such format “About us” or “About” or “Know us” “Learn About us” and more just use your brain and randomize the title, permalink should be kept it in such format “domain .com/about” or “domain .com/about-us” us keep changing this also just like title.  Add some images of good quality which increases the worth of About us Page.

Contact Page: Add some content 200 words nearby add a contact form to contact you and in every PBN use different Plugin, if you are making a big PBN network then repeating the same plugin won’t cause many problems. Add some Quality images and showcase the address of the owner to show your blog more authentic, for this you can use any fake name generator website to get the details.

Privacy Policy Page: Create this page from WordPress settings.

Terms and Condition: Use a Terms and Condition generator to create content for it.

Disclaimer: Use a Disclaimer generator to generate content for this page.

Team: On this page add some images of people to make your PBN look more authentic.

And try to add more pages if possible.

In some PBN website add only 3 pages and in some PBN site add 5 pages or 4 pages as you wish but just try to keep the thing in variation.

Make it Natural

Your PBN websites should look natural. A website that is regularly updated looks natural in the eyes of Google and users. That is why you should regularly post on the websites.

As well you should not link the money site again and again. It makes Google think that there is something strange going on. Instead, you should link some high authority blogs in your niche. So Google will think that your private blogging network websites are highly genuine and it can trust them. Some of my PBN isn’t updated with a new post from ages and this doesn’t matter a lot but in a big network, you should schedule the posting working to randomize it from updated and not updated PBN.

PBN Structure

Whenever you are building a big PBN network work in a structured format which would help you to understand the linking structure and would help you to know in which tier you are doing PBN link building and this would also help you In many small ways if you are managing a large PBN network.

However, before we end this article over here, here is a piece of advice:

Most of the PBN Makers often end up making 30 to 50 PBN websites and burn their money down. And there is no point in doing this. Like, of course, you can go do so, but it will require a lot of money.

Instead, you can make a few PBN websites and focus on them. This way you will be able to manage the blogs in the easiest way possible plus you do not have to break the bank.

Once your websites are scaled up and start getting traffic. You can leave them and create a new private blogging network for your money site.

PBN is not the only strategy of making Backlinks to rank your blog randomized it with other types of backlink making strategies such as Foundation links, Web2.0s, Blogger Outreach, Niche Edit links, Contextual, etc.

Block Crawlers

If you wanted to hide your PBN from competitors, you can hide them by blocking crawlers. This would not allow the crawler to crawl your site and get data from it.

Note – Never Block Google Crawler in craziness because you want google to get content and link data from your PBN so it can pass link juice to your money site.

You can Block Crawlers from 2 methods which is listed below

  1. Robots.txt
  2. htaccess

Here is How to Build a Private Blog Network Infographics Created by me

How to Build a Private Blog Network Infographics
How to Build a Private Blog Network Infographics

If you want you can spread PBN Knowledge for free by attaching this infographic in your Blog or any Relevant place

Wrapping Up

So that was all for your question that says how to build a private blog network. PBN is a great way to rank any website. But it is a challenging and time consuming process. But if you stick to your plan, it is one of the profitable things that you can do.

It is a lengthy process that requires consistency. So if you are not someone who is good with patience. Then PBN is not for you instead hire someone to make PBN for you and manage them.

Making a single backlink by yourself is termed unethical in terms of Google, which they count as BlackHat which means you already made your hand dirty in SEO Game, so why not go fully Dirty and use such strategies. Because there is nothing without risk, you have to make certain risky steps to reach your goal.

Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and we will surely help you out.

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    1. While buying an expired domain i check out many stats one of them main is RD & Wayback and then after these i jump to 3rd party metrics such as majestic and ahrefs anchor text and other thing 🙂 It would be better if i give this answer in a detailed blog post

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