How to Find Expired Domains

How to find expired domains

Expired domains are great to start a new blog. Using an expired domain can increase the chances to get a good rank quickly on SERPs, compare to a fresh one. That’s why going with an expired domain has always been a good idea. Even you can use these expired domains to create PBN so that you can pass good link juice to your money site.

However, in both cases, you need to choose the right expired domain because the wrong one can ruin all your hard work. Selecting a good expired domain can be tricky, and that’s why today I am writing this article. Here I am going to share a detailed guide on how to find expired domains and what are the things you need to consider before buying one.

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How to Find Expired Domains

How to Find Expired Domains

What are Expired Domains?

Expired domains are not diamonds or something else. These are regular domains but with a history. Usually, when a webmaster doesn’t renew a domain, it gets expired.  Once a domain gets expired, anyone can register this domain at the price of a new domain.

These expired domains come with historical stats. You could get a domain with high authority backlinks or just lots of spam. That’s why some professionals invest $$ on the domain only.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying Expired Domains

Finding an expired domain is not easy. From age to backlinks, there are a lot of things that you need to consider in an expired domain. For helping you out to get a quality domain, I have already written an in-depth article that you should check because I have shared every single thing You Need to Know Before Buying Expired Domains.

How to use Expired Domains?

As we all know that expired domains have some authority backlinks pointing to them, so the thing is, we are looking for that link juice. Now to pass that link juice, here are some ways that we can follow.

By making a Blog/Website

The first and the best way you can use it is by making a blog with your expired domain. It’s the best way for those who are on a budget. It is also going to help you to avoid the google sandbox period. Even, since you are using an authority domain, you can get rankings bit fast and efficiently for low competition keywords.

By building a PBN

PBN or Private Blog Network is a great way to pass some authority and link juice in the long term. Although it is a bit risky method; but if managed properly, you can dominate the SERPs page without working very hard. But building a PBN requires a good budget and time to manage it properly; otherwise, you can even ruin your blogs. You need to have good knowledge of Crawlers, How SEO Hosting / PBN Hosting works, PBN Linking Strategy.

By redirecting an expired domain to your money site

Almost every SEO expert has different opinions about redirection. However, you can try it on your own. But make sure that your expired domain must be relevant with the niche of your money blog and must have good backlinks. It helps in boosting the authority of your money site so that ranking low competition keywords becomes much easier.

By flipping the domain

Domain flipping means buying an expired domain name and then selling it for an extra profit.  Now there are two different ways to do it. The first one is pretty simple, find an expired domain with quality backlinks and sell it for a higher price. The second one is buying a domain that has the potential to get traffic, rank them and monetize and sell for almost five times(even more) much better price.

Now, this is the main part of this article. Here we are going to talk about how to find expired domains. So, let’s talk about it.

Buy directly from sellers

If you don’t have time and looking for great domains, then buying them directly from the sellers is a suitable method for you. You can find expired domains in multiple places such as Facebook Marketplace, Groups, Fiverr, and other freelance websites. It is the best option for you if you’re on a budget and don’t have time to invest in searching quality expired domains.

Expired Domain Auctions

If you want a get a quality domain and have a nice budget, then domain auctions are the best ways for you. It is the best option because you’ll get the domain name before buying and you’ll have all the stats in front of you. However, auctioned domains are a bit costly but are great too.

Expired Domain Hunting Tools

Now, this is the best way to find quality domains at a very less price. Although it takes time and hard work but you’ll save a lot of money. If you’re starting your career as an expired domain seller or you are in a budget to build PBN, then expired domain hunting tools are the option for you.

Here are some of the best free and paid tools that you can use for hunting quality expired domains. I am also sharing a simple guide on how to use these tools. is one of the best free web-based tools for hunting expired domains. It also provides a list of expired domains in the marketplace. To find great domains, you need to make an account on their website, and that’s it.

You need Ahrefs to find the great domain in your niche with

  • First of all, you need to create an account at
  • Now you can log in with your credentials there.
  • Now if you want to look for expired domains, then you have to select the deleted domains.
  • Here you can choose either by TLD or access all the deleted domains at once.

ExpiredDomains has a lot of free tools to sort the list. You can sort the list by name, backlinks, and many other things. Even it also shows the list of pending expired domains. However, ExpiredDomains is a time-consuming tool, and you need to have a lot of time. But since they daily update their list of expired domains, you can get some quality domains from it.


ScrapeBox is a great tool to find high authority domains. Even I personally use this tool to search domains for my PBN building services. It is a great tool to find expired domains having links from authority sites like NYTimes, BBC, CNN, Cnet, and others. These kinds of backlinks usually get sold at hundreds of dollars, and you can get it by just purchasing a domain in a few bucks.

The method to find expired domains using ScrapeBox is a bit difficult and takes time depending on your system’s configuration. However, investing that time worths because, in the end, you’ll get a list of quality domains. In this method, you’ll be needed two tools, Ahrefs and ScrapeBox. So, let’s get started-

  • The very first thing that you need to choose is the niche of the domain you’re looking for. Let’s suppose if you’re seeking for an expired domain in tech niche, then select the best blogs covering articles of tech.
  • Now put that domain on the site explorer in Ahrefs.
  • Now on the left sidebar, you’ve to find outgoing broken links and click on it.
  • Since we are looking for domains getting do-follow backlinks, on the link type, we need to choose the select do-follow.
  • Now here, we need to export and download the list in Excel format.
  • Now open that file and select all the links from the “Link URL” column and copy them. Here you’ve got a massive list of all the broken URLs having do-follow backlinks from that domain.
  • After that, you need to open the ScrapeBox and paste all the backlinks on URLs Harvested
  • Here you need to remove all the duplicate domains from the list. For this, click on remove/filter button, and choose for the remove duplicate domains.
  • Now from the manage list, choose the trim option to trim all the URLs to the root Also, ScrapeBox allows you to select the TLDs.
  • After doing this, it’s time to look for unregistered domains. You need to click on “Grab/Check” button on manage lists and then click on check unregistered domains.
  • Now a pop-up box will appear. You need to click on the start button, and that’s it. It’ll start looking for details of domains whether they are registered or not. The process might take a minute or more(depending on your system and list size) and once completed, and you can export the list of unregistered domains only.
  • Now you’ve to open that list. I prefer using notepad++ because it shows the line number too. After that, you need to open Ahrefs, and there you have to go for the Batch Analysis Tool.
  • Enter the top 200 domains from the list in the box and click on analysis. (Maximum you can add 200 domains at once)
  • Now the sort the list according to your need and analyze domain one by one. You can get a quick overview from batch analysis, and once you like metrics of a domain, you can analyze it manually.

So, this is an excellent method that you can use to hunt quality expired domains. However, you can do a few more changes in the processes after understanding the tool much better. But if you want to start with ScrapeBox, this is going to be enough for you.

Domain Hunter Gatherer

Domain Hunter Gatherer Review
Domain Hunter Gatherer Review

Domain Hunter Gatherer is one of the best tools for hunting quality expired domains. However, it’s one of the most costly tools I’ve ever used to capture some quality domains. Although it comes on an expensive side, you won’t feel it costly because it justifies every single penny you’re going to invest.

The domain hunter gatherer’s pro plan costs $97/month, and along with that, you need to invest in premium proxies. However, it’s not necessary to use proxies but to get the fullest advantage of the tool; I recommend you to use proxies.

The UI of the tool is pretty straight forward and simple. It makes hunting the expired domains much easier.  Moreover, I am going to add some tips that can help you learn if you’re using domain hunter-gatherer for the first time.

  • First of all, go to the setup and help, and put the tokens/APIs of tools you got.
  • After that, if you have bought proxies, then you can also add that too.
  • After adding these things, you’ve to save it.
  • Now we can move to start hunting for the expired domains. Here at first, we will move to the search setting.
  • Here you can choose the search engines, country, and languages that you’re going to crawl domains from.
  • After that, you have to select the date range to crawl aged domains. I suggest you go to domains with a minimum of 5 years old. These types of domains are great because they have authority and have a good reputation in the eyes of Google.
  • Here you’ll get multiple options to hunt expired domains from. You can either search expired domains from Keywords or directly from websites(Like we did in the ScrapeBox method).
  • If you’re going to use Keywords method, then you have to put a few keywords separated by comma (,) and click on search. And in case, if you’re going for the website method, then you have to enter websites in the place of keywords.
  • After hitting the search button, the tool will start crawling all the domains available.
  • Now you can filter the list by only available domains.
  • Since the tool has so many services integrated, you can use some filters to find domains in a particular category.
  • Once you get the list of available domains, it’s time to check all the available domains manually.

DHG is an excellent tool to hunt quality expired domains. Moreover, it also helps in hunting expired web 2.0s and many other things. It’s integrated API feature helps to analyze huge lists very quickly. Overall, it’s an excellent tool for those who trade in expired domains.

So, this was it. The developer team of DHG knows what their targeted audience wants from them. They have made everything very simple and just in a few clicks, and you can generate a massive list of available domains.

You can read my Detailed review about Domain Hunter Gatherer Tool

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FreshDrop is an excellent marketplace for peoples to get all kinds of domains. It is very similar to Thus I don’t want to waste your time in telling everything separately. However, you can give it a try. Like expired domains, it also offers domain auction and daily updated list of deleted domains. It’s a great tool if you’re looking for a language-specific domain. However, it is a paid service, but still, you can get some quality domains without investing.

So, to hunt expired domains using FreshDrop, you need to follow some necessary steps I am sharing with you. So, here we go-

  • The very first thing that you need to do is visit their homepage.
  • Here you should check the box of Google Indexed.
  • You can also use filters to set the minimum value. I usually do it 10 for TF, DA, and other things that you are looking in a domain.
  • Now copy a domain from the list and put it in the site explorer of Ahrefs.
  • After that, you can go to the backlinks profile. Here you can sort the list by selecting one domain per link and link-type as do-follow. Now you’ve to check the quality of the backlinks that domain has. Check whether it was used for spam or not.
  • After that, you can check other factors like Wayback, anchor texts, and other things to check whether this domain is useful or not.

That’s it. If you found the domain useful for you; you can register it. Otherwise, you can repeat the process to find out the next domain.

I prefer ExpiredDomains because they provide a lot of features that help to make it easier to find specific quality domains. I’m not saying FreshDrop is not a good option because I got some great domains from their auction at a very reasonable price but for hunting expired domains; I don’t think it’s a good option. If you want to get quality domains, then you need to go for their paid plan which costs $32/month, which I don’t think justifies the value. However, these are my personal thoughts because this tool already has an enormous userbase and positive reviews.


DomCop is a hassle-free expired domain search tool that you can use to gather some quality expired domains. It is a great tool, but the downside is that it is very costly. Yeah, it is even more expensive than the DHG. The guru plan charge around $184/month, which is around twice of DHG.

However, if you look at the ROI, then DomCop seems very worthy because I have found some domains with a value of $$ with the help of this tool. Here is the step by step guide that you need to follow to find some quality domains using DomCop.

  • The very first thing that I do is choosing what kind of domains I want. There are three different categories, such as Expired, Expiring, and Archive domains. Since we are mainly focusing on Expired Domains, we’ll go for that.
  • After that, you’ve to click on the show filter option, and after that, you can choose the simple option to customize the filter your own.
  • Now here you can use the filters to select the minimum requirements of the expired domain. I set the TF, DA to minimum ten, and majestic links to 5. However, you can always adjust it according to your needs. I set it like this because a domain having fewer stats than this won’t be beneficial at all for PBN or making a new site.
DomCop Filter
DomCop Filter
  • Also, you can filter domains by industries. It is very helpful to acquire niche specific domains.
DomCop Filter by Industry
DomCop Filter by Industry
  • After that, you need to hit the search button, and you’ll get the list of so many expired domains meeting your search requirements.
  • Now you have all the metrics of domains such as DA, TF, and other things. You can now select the domains that seem worthy and check the other stuff such as backlinks, anchor texts, Wayback, etc. to determine whether the domain is used for spam or not.

This method works like a charm for me. However, you still need to use some other filters to make sure it will be helpful for you. Also, it has a lot of premium services like Majestic, Moz, etc. integrate with them that allow you to check the stats in just a click. It’s a nice tool to get some niche-specific domains. In my case, DomCop performs tremendously for me, and yeah, it worths the price I paid.


Ahrefs is a top-rated tool that is being used by many SEO experts for so many things. Even it can be used separately for getting some high quality expired domains. I had used this technique in the past when I was starting my career into expired domains. It helped me a lot, and I recommend you to use this technique if you are starting because it will make you an expert on Ahrefs tool.

However, it is a time-consuming technique, but it worth every single penny because the domain you’ll get would have some excellent links. So, here we go-

  • So, the very first thing that you need to do is going to ahrefs and put the link of any authority website in your niche in the Ahrefs site explorer.
  • Once it starts showing the stats, you’ve to navigate to the broken links section. Here you can sort the list by “Only do-follow links.” and “One link per domain” to make our list bit small.
  • Now you’ve to export the list and download it.
  • After that, open the file and select the “Link URL” tab, and select all the domains.
  • Now you have to go to this tool to trim all the URLs to their root domains and then copy all the domains.
  • Now, this is the last step, here you need to visit, and on the domain section, you’ve to select the Bulk Domain Search option. Here paste all the domain links that we have copied earlier and hit the search button.

After that, it will show you the domains that are already taken and available to purchase. Now you’ve to select each available domain separately to checker whether it is helpful or not. You need to check all the things like anchors, Wayback, backlinks, age and all. However, it is an excellent technique, especially if you don’t have $$ in tools.

Wrapping Up

Finding expired domains is not rocket science. Anyone with good practice and experience can become a professional at it. Even I started as a noob, and with time I learned a lot of things, and that made me able to share tips with you. Expired domains are tremendous, and I recommend using it because it saves a lot of time and effort.

The methods I shared with you are basic ones, and you need to find out what settings perform great for you. If you’ve any questions, you can fire them in the comment section below. Our team will try to solve them ASAP.

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