PBN Domains – Buying HQ Clean PBN Domains for your PBN Network

PBN Domains – Buying HQ Clean PBN Domains for your PBN Network

PBN Domains – Buying HQ Clean PBN Domains for your PBN Network

If you are looking for a definitive guide that will show you the complete process for finding the perfect PBN Domains, then you have landed on the right page. Here, I am going to share the things that you need to check before buying the perfect domain for your PBN. Along with that, I am going to share the best places to roam around from where you can find the PBN domain. So, without much of a delay, let’s get started-

PBN domains are just like a normal expired domain but with a high-quality backlink profile and a clean usage history. After finding the perfect PBN domain, you can create a blog with that so that you can pass link juice to your money site. But finding the right domain is a bit tricky because one mistake can ruin your entire planning and your hard work.

Table of Content

  1. Things to look before buying PBN Domains
  2. Buying PBN Domains from Brokers
  3. Buying PBN Domains from Domain Auctions
  4. Backorder Pending Delete Domains
  5. Hunting Domains using Scraper
  6. Finding Domains from Deleted Domain Database

But don’t worry because here I am going to share my secret tips for choosing the high-quality clean PBN domains for your PBN network. So, here are the things that you should consider before buying a domain for your PBN-

Things to look before buying PBN Domains

Here are a couple of things that I check before buying a domain. These all are necessary things, so just don’t try to skip any of these; otherwise, you might ruin up your PBN network.

Check the backlinks profile

The very first thing that you should check is the backlink profile of the PBN domain you are planning to buy. For checking the backlink profile, you can use the CheckDuck tool. I highly recommend you to go for CheckDuck as it is a highly powerful tool. It also shows you the link and domain score directly on the dashboard. It can save a lot of your time in filtering the domains.

While checking the backlinks profile, you need to make sure that

  • Domain does not have backlinks from low authority sites or sites with high spam Rate.
  • Always Preferred Domain with Minimum Link Score and Domain score 1.2+ or above.
  • Domain should have most of the Links on Homepage or on a Page which can Recreated.
  • If Anchor text is in Foreign Language convert into your understandable Language and check it.
  • Backlink Ratio of Dofollow to Nofollow should be believable.

Check Wayback History

Another benefit of using the CheckDuck tool is that it allows you to see the archive history in a systematically arranged manner. It also shows the clean score of the domain. It saves a lot of time while filtering a massive list of domains.

However, make sure to check-

  • Make sure that the clean score is must be 4 or above. If anything lesser than that, then you should dump that domain instantly.
  • PBN domain should not be used for any kind of redirection, especially 301.
  • Content on the website should be in the English language. If it has content in non-English languages such as Chinese, Japanese, or Russian, then you should think again before buying that domain for your PBN network instantly check anchor text to know it was spammed in past or not
  • 301 Redirected Domain are spammed is just a myth they are still useful but most of such domains receive Penalty in Past.
  • Chances Content posted on Domain related to controversial stuff like Gambling, Porn, or other illegal niches might receive Penalty in Past but it does not mean it is not worth, it is avoided by most SEO because there might be chances of Penalty .

Check if the domain has any penalty from Google or Facebook

It is yet another crucial thing that one needs to check before buying a PBN domain. The only issue is that you cannot find any official tool to check if the domain has got any manual penalty from Google. All you can do is just go through some hit and trial methods. But even after that, one cannot assure that the domain is entirely free from penalty or ban.

First of all, go to the Google.com and search for the site:domain.com (Replace domain.com with your domain name) and check if you got any page indexed or not. If you get any page in SERPs, then this domain is good to go.

You can also go to the facebook.com and send the domain to any of your friends using Messenger or post the domain name in your feed. If you get any error, then the domain might have banned from social media sites and definitely from Facebook.

But unfortunately, even after checking all this. It is hard to conclude whether a domain has a penalty or not. All we can do is assume and process further. Nevertheless, if you somehow bought a domain that has a manual penalty, you apply for a Google reconsideration request to remove the penalty.

Check things like Trademark, Drop count, and other metrics

Trademark is a thing that may lead you to some consequences. So, I recommend you to check the domain for a trademark before registering. Also, check for the number of drops of that PBN domain. If it has more than five drops, then that domain is not worth using for your PBN but Links are good then still you can give it a try.

You can also look for other metrics like Majestic Stats, MOZ, and other tools. However, I don’t believe in such tools offer stats based on the combination of multiple algorithms that does not make much sense to me because there metrics are based on whole Website and not just on Domain. Instead of that, I believe in checking stats  with the help of tools like CheckDuck or manually through Wayback Machine. (These two are the most reliable tools according to me.)

Which is the best tool for checking all the above stats?

If you ask me to suggest one tool that can fulfill all the above checklist, then I recommend you to go for CheckDuck. It is a nicely prepared tool that can help you find some of the best PBN domains for your PBN network.

It allows you to see the backlinks, referring domains, domain’s drop count, redirect history, and much other stuff in one single platform. Also, with the integration of Wayback Machine, you can now look for the Archived History of the domain easily through this platform.

Now, the main question is, “How to find such powerful domains for your next PBN?” or “What are the best places to buy PBN domains?”

Well, don’t worry. Below I have mentioned some of the best places from where you can either buy or hunt these authoritative PBN domains.

Buying PBN Domains from Brokers

This is definitely one of the easiest ways to find some high-quality, authoritative domains for your PBN network. You can easily find such brokers in SEO groups, forums, and marketplaces. These brokers are the guys that mostly dedicate their time to finding high-authority domains and selling them. However, it is not the cheapest way but not also the costliest one. On the decent price point, you can get some potent domains for your PBN.

Buying PBN Domains from Domain Auctions

While buying from brokers is the best cost-efficient way to get your hands on some great PBN domains, domain auction is the costlier one. But that does not mean that domain auctions are a waste of money. Domain auctions places like GoDaddy, Flippa, Dynadot, Namejet, and others are the best places to buy high-quality domains. The only downside is that these are the open marketplaces, and whenever someone bid on a domain, it attracts all other bidders as well. Hence, the price can go much higher within a few minutes.

Backorder Pending Delete Domains

This is my favorite method to buy high-authority domains for PBN. It is a process to backorder a domain before it expires. If you ever visited expired domain’s websites like ExpiredDomains.net or DomCop, then you might have noticed that they feature a “Pending Delete” section on their website. Domains in these sections are about to expire in the next few days, and chances of renewal are just negligible.

You can backorder these domains with the help of sites like DropCatch, NameJet, SnapNames, Inbackorder etc. The best part of these services is that you only need to pay if they catch the domain for you. If they don’t, you don’t need to pay a single penny. If you genuinely want an expiring domain, then you can use multiple sites to place the backorder for the same domain. It will increase the chances of getting the domain. Typically, these services cost around $25-$100 depending on TLD. And it is way cheaper than buying a domain from auctions ig you got luck.

Hunting Domains using Scrapers

Using domain scraper tools is yet another excellent way to find great domains at a cheaper price. Now it may not sound cheaper for those who are planning to buy a couple of domains. Instead, these tools are best for those who are planning to create large PBNs.

Tools like Domain Hunter Gatherer, ScrapeBox, Xpired and other Crawlers, crawl the webpages of authority websites in your niche. You can either use Keywords or enter websites manually. Later, they check all the broken backlinks from these websites and checks if the domains that these broken links are pointing to are available for buying. After that, they give you a list of domains that are available for registration. Now you can manually register the best out of them.

Finding Domains from Deleted Domain Database

Around 200,000 domains expire every day. There are pretty high chances that some of the authoritative domains get ignored from the eyes of brokers and back-ordering services. The reason is pretty simple. Tools like Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, and others are entirely based on the algorithms, and there are huge chances that these tools don’t show high metrics for some domains.

Nevertheless, it is going to be a hectic method because the list is going to be very long. It will be like finding a needle in a haystack. However, there are still chances that you can find some competent domains with this. All you need is just patience and time. But you also need to keep in mind that you can find domains using this method at a very lower price.

Final Verdict

PBN domains are tough to find because you need to take care of a lot of things. But if you play smart, you can get some really great domains quickly. I suggest you use tools like CheckDuck as it helps to evaluate these domains much easily. Also, you need to keep in mind that your budget plays a crucial role in finding the perfect domain for you. If you have a good budget, then you can try Domain Auctions, Brokers, and all other things. But if you are planning to set up your PBN on a budget, then you need to spend more of your time in finding domains from Deleted Domain Databases and Expired Domain Scraper tools.

Why i Prefer CheckDuck because this tool is developed under my Observation and i know everything about this tool even i am Owner of this tool and you can see big updates into this tool in Near Future.

With that said, it is time to wrap up the article right here. I hope you find it helpful. If you still have any questions, you can shoot them in the comment section below, and we will try to answer them ASAP.

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