PBN Hosting Reviews – 15 Private Blog Network Hosting Reviewed


Whether you are running a small business online or launching a brand new blog, Search Engine Optimization very important in today’s competitive market. Backlinks are one of the major factors considered by search engines like Google in determining the position of the website in search results.

The link building strategies are always changing and PBN (Private Blog Network) is one of the most popular link building tactics amongst the SEO professionals and SEO agencies. PBNs help you to build links that boost the authority of your blog or a website that ranks it better on the search engines. As getting authority backlinks is becoming more difficult every year, investing in a PBN is considered to a powerful weapon is SEO’s arsenal.

PBN Hosting Reviews


PBN Hosting Reviews – 15 Private Blog Network Hosting Reviewed

What is a PBN?

PBN is a Private Blogging Network. It is a network of high-authority blogs often owned by a single agency or a publisher, to build backlinks to the money site. A money site is your main site and you use PBNs to build backlinks for it. As backlinks from authority websites are considered as a powerful signal by Google, these backlinks from PBN helps your money site to rank better.

When implemented properly, the PBN technique helps the website to grab the top positions on the first page for your targetted keyword. Generally, SEOs use expired domains with strong backlinks to build the blogs for their PBNs. You can check our guide on How to Find Expired Domains to find some Great Expired Domains for your next PBN.

What are the benefits of PBN?

Less effort

Link building is a tiring process. It takes more time to build strong backlinks than to create powerful content. No matter, how breathtaking your content is, it may not rank well on Google if it fails to grab the backlinks. PBNs eases out the process of link building.

When used properly, they are an efficient way to outrank your competitors in a comparatively less span of time. You don’t have to spend time forming relationships with other webmasters or bloggers to convince them for a link back or a guest post.

Faster Rankings

PBNs are one of the ways to rank faster on Google. As the blogs in PBN have some authority, age and the same niche of your money site, the backlink from them will definitely pass link juice to the main site. It is actually difficult to grab these types of high-quality links in a natural or organic way. You need to ping lots of bloggers to obtain a single link.

With PBNs, it takes very little time and you’ll get high-quality links from the same niche blogs. The best thing is you can decide what kind of anchor texts from each blog of your PBN. You can use a varied kind of anchor texts from different blogs. You can also strategize the link building for your internal pages.

PBNs help a lot to diversify the link profile. When used rightly, they are powerful and efficient link building techniques to rank faster on search engines.

However, PBNs are not the white-hat way of doing SEO. At the same time, it does not mean that your site is getting penalized for obtaining links from PBNs. You need to strike a balance and figure out the strategy that works for you. For instance, it is not easy to get backlinks for the legal-related content or the product pages in an e-commerce store. Now, PBNs provide great scope for improving the link profile which leads to building authority for the whole websites.

PBNs are certainly powerful assets to improve search engine rankings. However, it is not recommended to rely only on the PBNs for link building. PBNs work great but in an unfortunate case, if they are tracked out by Google, they may not work any further. PBNs ease out the link building, but relying solely on it is not good.

How to protect your PBN?

PBNs must be private. Once the search engines find the footprints, they’ll track out the complete network. It leads to penalization for all the blogs and even the money site. Keeping you PBNs truly private and anonymous is the most important to protect it. Here are some of the reasons that cause deindexation or penalization.

Poor hosting is one of the main reasons for the failure of PBNs. Hosting domains on the same IP addresses or IPs with fewer diversification results in penalization.

  • Selling backlinks on public platforms.
  • Having the same information while registering the domains.
  • Using spun content or poor quality articles on the blogs.
  • Using same anchor texts for all the links from PBN blogs.
  • Using expired domain which was already banned by Google.

Avoid all these things and limit the money sites. It is recommended to have only one money site for a PBN. Do not share your PBN with anyone.

What is PBN hosting?

Low-quality or inefficient hosting is the number one deindexing factor. Hosting is really crucial to keep your PBN truly private. A PBN hosting provides the infrastructure to keep your PBNs private. By providing diversified IPs, multi-location servers and other sources to secure your PBN.

We want our PBNs to stay alive for a longer time. The first thing one needs to get the right to build a high-quality and reliable PBN is the PBN hosting.

There are few things which you have to seriously consider while choosing the hosting service for your PBN.  It takes time, money and effort to set up the PBNs. A tiny mistake could result in a disaster like Google deindexing your domain. A good PBN host is the one that has got all PBN safety basics right. Here are the things that a good PBN host must provide.

Unique IPs

All your blogs on your PBN must have unique IPs. If only the last digit or the number of the IP changes, Google may not pass the link juice to the main site. Moreover, there is a risk of deindexation from the SERPs.

Unique Nameservers

A footprint is a pathway to track all your domains. If all your blogs have the domains with the same nameservers. It’s super easy for Google to trace all the domains. That’s a gigantic footprint! It is okay to share the nameservers with few domains. It is always better to have completely different nameservers for each domain.

Unique SOA Records

SOA is State of Authority records. It’s a record that stores the admin information for all the IPs. You may have different nameservers and different IPs, but if you have the same email address in the SOA records, you are lost!  You can see the SOA records using DNS lookup tools.

These are the basic things which we expect from the PBN hosting. The more diversification the host delivers in nameservers and IP addresses, the better it is! The IPs, Nameservers and SOA records are the three main footprints with which Google or your competitors can trace your network. A good PBN hosting ensures optimal security and privacy. At the same time, it must provide a good interface to manage the network. As we have dozens of blogs in a PBN, we need an automated website setups to speed up the process.

We’ve rounded up 15 Best PBN hosting providers to help you out in choosing the right PBN hosting. Let’s dive in without any delay!

Easy Blog Networks

With high-end infrastructure and easy-to-use interface, it is certainly effortless to set up a PBN network on Easy Blog Networks. It is a time-consuming process to set up a PBN on most of the PBN hosting platforms.

Easy Blog Networks has simplified everything in such a way that it just takes minutes to set up the PBN on its platform. The randomization of the servers ensures that you are always undetected. You need not worry about protecting your network and completely secured. Your blogs are hosted by different hosting companies at different data centers on varied A, B, C-class IPs. It all looks completely natural and your blogs are undetected.

At the moment, Easy Blog Networks uses over 100 data centers and 18 hosting service providers. The best part is they regularly add additional data centers and hosts in their selection. They have also simplified the maintenance process. The automated WordPress updates and daily blog backups, security optimization, and server performance make the PBN Network management an easier process.

According to a study conducted by PBN Fox, the deindexation rate is low for the blogs powered by EBN. Easy Blog Networks is definitely one of the best PBN hosting services with super-fast setup, total natural hosting profile, automated maintenance, and many other features. Here are the best features of Easy Blog Networks.

Best Features of Easy Blog Networks

  • The easiest process to setup PBNs. You just need to enter the domain name and you’ll have your blogs with different themes, plugins, usernames, emails etc within minutes.
  • The randomization and variety of servers and data centres ensure complete privacy.
  • The bandwidth and data storage are unmetered. Of course, you are not allowed to upload videos, high-resolution images or any other large files.
  • It is pretty affordable and there are no hidden costs.
  • You can try EBN hosting using their 7-day free trial.

SeekaHost PBN Hosting

Seekahost hosting review
Seekahost hosting review

SeekaHost is a popular name in the SEO industry as it is run by well-known SEO Fernando. Seekahost offers the best infrastructure, multiple location servers and most importantly the dedicated customer care. Seekahost platform is designed to support the efforts of SEOs.

They assure complete security for your PBN network and their prices are astonishingly low. They provide the support by live chat and email tickets. The best thing about their support team is they are all well-knowledgeable about SEO. So, they know what they are doing when they are advising you something.

Seekahost provides one of the best uptimes of 99.9% They have implemented anti-spam plugins like Spam Assassin in all their packages. Their cPanel is simple and you can intuitively manage it even if you are using it for the first time.

Moreover, they provide separate cPanels for each domain in your PBN rather than combining all of them as the Add-on domains. For example, if you have 10 blogs in your PBN, you’ll have 10 different cPanel accounts. So, it is easy for you to customize your blogs and definitely more comfortable to manage them. Their plans are well-categorized. There are plans from 5 IP PBN to 70 IP PBN. It can host your simple PBN as well as the giant PBN. Here are the best features of Seekahost.

I have written a detailed review about Seekahost Hosting and their PBN Services.

Best Features of Seekahost

  • Multiple-location datacenters which make your content reach the users as swiftly as possible.
  • Expert SEOs as the customer support team.
  • Spam Assassin, an industry-leading anti-spam software is included in all packages.
  • You’ll get 500 MB for each domain. It’s more than enough for a PBN domain as there won’t be any videos or HD images on them.
  • Their prices are dead cheap.
  • Up-to-date software and hardware resources.
  • Suitable for both small budget SEO agencies and enterprises.

Buy Now


PBN Hosting, PBN Hosting Reviews

PBN.Hosting provides an excellent platform for hosting the PBN network. All your blogs will have WordPress set up in them within minutes. You just need to enter the domain name and give the content. PBN.Hosting setups the blogs in minutes. Many SEOs love using PBN. Hosting and the reason is they help you to set up the blogging networks at lightning speeds.

No matter, whether you have a 5 blog PBN or 100 blogs PBN, it is super easy to manage all the blogs using their simple interface. PBN.Hosting also offers an excellent app which helps you to build and post on your PBN blogs without any hassle. At the moment, over 10,000 people are using PBN.hosting services.

One thing that sets PBN.hosting apart from others is it provides IP addresses from industry leaders like Azure, Amazon, DigitalOcean, Vultr, etc. So, you’ll get the nameservers from these popular companies where thousands of legitimate blogs are hosted. However, you can also have a custom DNS.

PBN.Hosting is certainly a special service and it’s driving the PBN networks to the next level. They use 6-tier CDN systems which ensure complete anonymity for your network. The dynamic IPs constantly change which is great! Here are some of the best features of PBN.Hosting

Best Features of PBN.Hosting

  • Setups up the whole network instantaneously.
  • 6 top class tier CDNs ensure lightening speeds.
  • Easy to import, post and schedule the content for all your blogs
  • A dozen editing tools and deep linking report tools are included in the package.
  • The page speed of the blogs is awesome. Google prefers to crawl the blogs that load faster.
  • The bad bots and link spiders are blocked to protect your PBN network.
  • IP addresses from the likes of Amazon and Azure.

Though PBN.hosting is a bit expensive when compared to its competitors, it’s definitely worth the price of the special features it offers. Features like  6-tier CDN or premium IP addresses help you to set up a powerful PBN network.


NoNameInternet claims that they use over 90 servers around the world with various hosting companies. We are not sure about their server number but their IP diversity is good enough. They have servers in Canada, USA, India, Australia, Lithuania, UK, Germany and Ukraine.

You may have to wait up to 24 hours to set up your PBN after signing up with them. The setup process goes at a snail pace and you’ll receive the cPanel logins, DNS etc details to your email after 24 hours. There are few complaints on NoNameInternet PBN hosting on the internet. Majority of the complaints stress that most of the IP addresses are from non-English speaking countries.

Even though their prices are a bit low when compared to others, we must say they offer an okayish kind of services. The WHCMS is not easy to manage and there are no proper instruction guides to understand it. They provide support on phone and live chat.

Multiple Cloud

True to its name, Multiple Cloud has servers located all around the globe. You can choose the locations from different countries while you are creating the accounts on the dashboard. You can also delete the existing account and create a new one with a different location. The dashboard system is very simple.

As Multiple Cloud has been in the PBN hosting services for over 5 years now, they have managed to expand their server locations and IPs. If you are an SEO agency, probably Multiple Cloud is the best PBN hosting service for you. Each and every client can have a different IP set and you can also choose the location or node whenever you want.

The random IP assignment system assures that every domain will have a completely unique IP address. Thus, there won’t be any nameserver footprints. All the domains are registered with whois privacy with varied nameservers ensuring complete privacy and security for your PBN. You can also use the Class A IPs as they have over 120 of them with true diversity.

The dashboard is where you manage all your accounts. Setting up CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc is a one-click process. They offer different PBN hosting packages and the most basic package provides 500 MB of disk space and 5GB of bandwidth. Expanding your PBN network is an easy process. You can instantly upgrade your package from the dashboard. Here are some of the best features of Multiple Cloud.

Best Features of Multiple Cloud

  • You’ll get every IP from the servers at different locations.
  • Offers more than 120 Class A IPs.
  • You can choose your desired locations for your accounts.
  • Easy to expand the PBN network.
  • They offer a free migration service. Just get in touch with their support team and you’ll get your websites migrated for free!

Buy Bulk Hosting

Buy Bulk Hosting offers one of the most affordable PBN hosting services. They host sites on HostGator, Small Orange and NameCheap. You can host PBNs of any size comfortably on Buy Bulk Hosting. They can host up to 375 PBN blogs it is easy to downgrade or upgrade at any point in time. They offer 5GB of bandwidth and 400MB of storage space per domain which is good enough for the PBN blogs.

The cPanel is user-friendly and there is a one-click WordPress installer feature which installs WordPress instantaneously on your PBN blogs. Buy Bulk Hosting do not own servers or datacenters. They have got the reseller hosting accounts from popular hosting services like NameCheap, HostGator, Reseller Club, Arvixe, InMotion, etc. As they’ve reseller accounts from many hosts, the IP addresses for your domains are all varied.

The basic PBN hosting package of Buy Bulk Hosting is priced at $26. It can host 10 domains and you get 400MB of space for each. The premium plan can host 200 domains and it costs $363 per month. Bulk Buy Hosting does not offer free site migration service and also the updates, backups, and maintenance are not updated like some of the PBN hosts mentioned on this list. So, we can say it is a kind of a basic PBN hosting.

Moreover, there are no special security features which keeps your sites more secure. However, they have this 1-click WordPress install and you can downgrade and upgrade the package from the prorating basis. Here are some of the best features of Buy Bulk Hosting.

Best Features of Buy Bulk Hosting

  • Easy to upgrade and downgrade your hosting package.
  • User-friendly cPanel and one-click WordPress installer.

Well, Buy Bulk Hosting do not reveal the complete details of their hosts. Also, it’s disappointing that there are no automated backups and migration service. These are some basic features we expect from PBN hosting charges $26 for 10 domains.


BluSEO ensures that you get separate nameservers with zero footprints. All your domains can be managed from a single cPanel and they claim that they provide the inexpensive solution for hosting your PBN network.

They provide A class IP for $1 and you can add up to 28 domains. So, it is $28 per month for 28 domains. It seems to be cheap but the problem is BluSEO is not suitable for large PBNs. You can only add 28 domains on a BluSEO account and there is no proper dashboard to manage them. Instead of a Dashboard platform, they ask you to send your URLs to set up the whole network for you.

It is not automated and it takes time. Though it is hands-free for you, it is not an instantaneous setup like the ones provided by Easy Blog Networks or PBN.Hosting. Here are the best features of BluSEO PBN hosting.

Best Features of BluSEO Hosting

  • $1 per domain is inexpensive.
  • Free DDOS attack protection for each account.
  • The nameservers are unique and you need not to register them.

The dashboard is something which we expect from a PBN Host. Unfortunately, BluSEO doesn’t provide it. The other thing is their hosts are unknown. Nameservers seem to be poor. The features provided by BluSEO PBN hosting are pretty limited and they can be categorized as one of those cPanel resellers.

If you are looking for some cheaper solution for hosting your most basic PBN, you can go for BluSEO. If you are expecting a complete security, scalability and quality IPs, BluSEO is definitely not the best PBN host for you.

PAZ Hosting

PAZ Hosting has been in PBN hosting for a long time now. They are one of the oldest PBN hosts and they have some loyal customers stuck to them right from their launch in 2014. But are they good enough in 2019?

The basic plan comes 5 IPs and it costs you $15 per month. The premium plan comes with 50 IPs at $89 per month. The dashboard is pretty simple and straightforward. The problem is you cannot add domains from the dashboard. For each domain, you want to add you. You have to raise a ticket to their support to add a domain to your account.

It takes 24 hours for them to add the domain to your account and email you the nameservers, IP, cPanel details etc. It’s a manual process and it takes time. Some PBN hosts are providing an automated process and adding domains happen instantaneously.

The nameservers and IPs are good enough. The interface of the dashboard is poorly designed. Overall, PAZ Hosting is very outdated. It might be a great PBN host in 2014. But in 2019, it fails to provide quality PBN hosting service like it’s competitors.


IP Networx is a popular PBN host among SEO professionals and agencies. They provide over 90 A-class IPs which is definitely great. It is one of the modern PBN hosting platforms perfectly designed to meet the needs of the SEOs. They provide only A class IPs and B class IPs and they ensure that there are no nameserver footprints. As all the IPs are hosted on different servers, there won’t be any footprints. For each and every domain on your PBN network, you’ll have separate nameservers.

The cPanel is modern and easy to use. The best thing is you’ll get a different cPanel for every domain. The dashboard is clean and it is simple to manage the PBN as you’ll have different cPanels.

They use .de extension nameservers without the MX records which provides complete safety and your domains will stay undetected. The other cool thing is the IPs are not in any pattern. They use randomization programs and every IP is completely different from the other. So, it will not be possible for others to trace down your network.

The IPs are set up over multi-location datacenters. So, it is not possible to track the PBN even by using the HTTP header technique. IP Networx seems to provide great privacy and security for the PBN networks. They are reasonably priced considering the features they provide like 90 A class IPs, no footprints, daily backups, technical support etc. Here are the best features of IP Networx PBN hosting

Best Features of IP Networx

  • Multiple-location datacenters.
  • Daily backups for free.
  • 90 A-class IPs.
  • Randomized IP addresses which make tracking the other domains an impossible thing.
  • Easy to use cPanel.
  • Absolutely zero footprints.
  • Excellent technical support.


LaunchCDN PBN has got the servers from Cloudflare, Amazon CloudFront, StackPath and many more leading providers. If you want your PBNs to be hosted on the quality servers, LaunchCDN may be the right choice for you. LanchCDN ensures that there won’t be any server or IP footprints. They use unique and popular nameservers, CDNs and IP addresses. You can configure MX records for all your domains.

The other interesting feature offered by LaunchCDN is it provides SSL certificates for all your domains. You’ll get it either from Cloudflare or Let’s Encrypt. The WordPress deployment is automated and the upgrades are automated too. They offer support via email. They can set-up the email forwards for all your domains on the PBN.

You have the option to set up the MX records from mail services like Yandex, Zoho, FastMail etc. As everything is automated, it is easy to install WordPress on your blogs. One-click install and login for WordPress are available right on the Dashboard. They provide 400MB disk space and 5GB bandwidth for each domain on your PBN. The custom dashboard allows you to see the reports from Majestic and Moz. They also do a great job in masking the outbound connections.

They use rotating IP addresses effectively and they are never tied to any servers. They also promise that they will never reveal your IP addresses via SOA records. The blogs hosted on Cloudflare will have the Cloudflare’s default SOA record. It’s the same with Amazon and other DNS providers. Here are the best features of LaunchCDN

Best Features of LaunchCDN

  • IPs from renown DNS providers like Amazon and Cloudflare.
  • No server and IP footprints.
  • Simple and powerful dashboard.
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Adding domains and setting up PBNs is automated.
  • Free SSLs.
  • Good site speed.
  • The outbound connections are hidden.
  • Reasonably priced.


Though GoPBN is the newcomer in PBN arena, they provide excellent infrastructure and easy-to-use interface. It is owned by the hosting veterans who have great knowledge of software, hardware and virtualization.

GoPBN hosting provides an effective platform to run a PBN in an efficient manner. Their nameservers come from popular hosting providers.  The control panel is simple and straight-forward to navigate. You can manage hosting, DNS, registrars, etc from the cPanel. It is seamless and they assure complete security for your PBN.

The best thing about GoPBN is it is very easy to scale your network. Like, you can expand your PBN from 15 blogs to 1000 blogs instantaneously which is awesome. Every blog will have a different IP address from a different location. Everything is automated!

Is it worth the price?

GoPBN is pretty expensive when compared to the prices of other PBN hosting providers. They charge you more than Easy Blog Networks. It costs $5 for a single IP and $187.5 per month for 50 IPs. So, it’s like $3.75 to host a single blog on GoPBN which is double the price of other hosts. They support WordPress, Ghost and Joomla.

GoPBN works like a charm when it comes to blog deployment. It’s super quick and you’ll have your entire PBN setup in a couple of hours. It is easy to set up an account on GoPBN. Though there are few details you need to provide during the setup like telephone number, address, email verification etc, it’s all pretty simple once you get into the dashboard.

However, they are still overpriced. All these features are also provided by Easy Blog Networks and they charge half the price. Let’s see the best features of GoPBN PBN hosting.

Best Features of GoPBN

  • Easy to use interface.
  • They provide custom servers.
  • The setup process is automated.
  • Good server diversification.
  • Good customer support.


Cloudways offers a flexible pricing system. So, you have to pay for what you use. For instance, Google and Amazon servers decide the prices for bandwidth depending on the demand. DigitalOcean charges $0.2 per GB of additional bandwidth. Vultr charges $0.2-$0.5 per additional GB.

As your blogs are hosted on the SSD, they load at an incredible speed. Cloudways has also done some tweaks to ensure that site speed for the blogs is good.  For instance, they have implemented a plugin called Breeze to enhance the WordPress Performance. Breeze WordPress plugin comes pre-installed on the Cloudways platform. They have a stack of caches which are ready to use. Redies, Memcached, Nginx and Varnish are some of them.


CloudBoss.pro was created to resolve all the problems and limitations of the SEO web hosting. CloudBoss.pro is a cloud service for hosting your PBNs. Unlike many other cloud platforms, it is a bit easy to host PBNs on the CloudBoss.pro. Cloudboss has got various services integrated into it. You can create the accounts on any of them and insert the API keys.

The prices are flexible like any cloud service. Your bill depends on your usage. CloudBoss.pro allows you to connect with major cloud platforms like Linode, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, DigitalOcean, Vultr, etc. It takes around 7-8 minutes to set up a blog on CloudBoss.pro depending on the cloud platform you have selected.

If you are someone who rebuilds the sites on expired domains, there is an inbuilt unlimited site builder. You can rebuild any number of sites using Wayback Machine of your expired domains. CloudBoss.pro is very reasonably priced considering the performance and features. CloudBass.pro account comes with lots of tools like HTML editors, site indexing status monitor tool. Virtualmin, Trust Flow monitoring tool, etc. All these things automate many things for you.

Overall, CloudBass.pro provides a solid infrastructure and decent interface to build a quality PBN. It’s super reliable and your sites won’t go down because of the server down issues. All your blogs are hosted on the multiple servers which provides security as well as the reliability.

Apart from that, most of the sites on CloudBoss.pro are hosted on Amazon servers where numerable legible sites are hosted. Cloudboss.pro also offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Let’s see the best features of CloudBoss.pro PBN hosting

Best Features of CloudBoss Pro

  • Pay per use billing which assures 100% uptime in spite of a traffic spike.
  • The great user interface from which you can set up dozens of sites within minutes.
  • Good customer support.
  • Site rebuilder tool which uses WayBackMachine to put content on your expired domains.
  • Tools like Trust Flow, Virtualmin, HTML editors, etc.

Khan Web Host

Khan Web Host provides the PBN hosting with the basic features. It is inexpensive. They charge $90 per year for 10 IPs package. You get 1GB of space and 30GB of bandwidth for each domain which is good enough. But the problem is, they do not reveal their hosts which is discouraging. The other thing is they do not mention about A-class IPs. It seems all their IPs are C-class. If that’s the case, Khan Web Host is certainly not the right place to host the PBNs.

There is no mention of where the servers are located or what kind of policies they follow to ensure that the IPs are completely unique. However, they do provide one-click WordPress installation, free migration, 3-day money back guarantee, etc.

Cloak Hosting

Cloak Hosting Review
Cloak Hosting Review

Cloak Hosting provides over 50A class IPs and they claim that 25% of their IPs are A-class. However, they haven’t completely revealed the hosts. Though they have good IP diversity, it won’t give confidence to SEOs as the hosts are not mentioned on their website.

They charge $47 per month for 10 IPs which is relatively a higher price. Yeah, they do offer this unmetered bandwidth and disk space for every domain. But, the PBN blogs won’t demand those things. There are no fingerprints which are really good.

Their customer support team is good enough and they provide support via phone and email tickets. The dashboard is excellent and it just takes a few minutes to start building the blogs. Here are the best features of Cloak Hosting.

Best Features of Cloak Hosting

  • Good IP and nameserver diversity
  • Decent customer support.
  • User-friendly dashboard.
  • 50 A-class IPs.

Though Cloak Hosting provides good PBN hosting services, they are expensive and do not offer any unique features. They would have at least disclosed the hosts to justify their prices but which is also good in terms of safety for PBN.

They also provide 14 Days Trial for their PBN hosting services, which you need to try them out.

Buy Now

Wrapping up

Though all this SEO Hosting / PBN Hosting provider says that they are 100% Footprint free with different IP’s and some other special features, they are safe enough but costly compared to other hosting providers. SEO Hosting / PBN hosting bring all your PBN in one dashboard and makes it easy to manage your whole PBN Network or if you want to avoid such PBN / SEO Hosting Providers you can always switch to different shared premium hosting providers and it would be much safe but might increase the management workload.

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PBN Hosting is used by PBN Experts / PBN Builders to host their Client Blogs / Own Blogs on different C Class IP  which help them to safely host their PBN Networks making it look like Real Blog.


  • Single Hosting Login Details for all PBN Blogs
  • Hassle-Free
  • Easy to Manage Big PBN Network
  • All IP’s are different


  • Price is High
  • Need to log in different Cpanel every time for each PBN
  • PBN Hosting owner contains all your PBN Detail
User Review
  • Seekahost PBNHosting
  • Easy Blog Networks
  • Cloak Hosting
  • PBN.hosting
  • NoNameInternet
  • Multiple Cloud
  • Buy Bulk Hosting
  • BluSEO
  • PAZ Hosting
  • IP-NetworX
  • LaunchCDN
  • GoPBN
  • Cloudways
  • CloudBoss.pro
  • Khan Web HostKhan Web Host

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