Do PBN Works or Not? – Roundup Question from SEO Industry Leaders about their views on PBN

Do PBN Works or Not? - Roundup Question from SEO Industry Leaders about their views on PBN


Do PBN Works or Not in 2019 is the biggest question which comes in everyone’s mind to remove that thought from the mind, I came with this article where I outreached SEO Industry leaders and asked their own personal views on PBN.

Here was the Question which I asked all of them

Does PBN Works or Not Today in 2019

If Yes?

If No?
Still needed Reason

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SEO Industry Leaders

Do PBN Works or Not? – Roundup Question from SEO Industry Leaders about their views on PBN

Chris M.Walker

Chris M.Walker
Chris M.Walker

Chris M.Walker – Founder at Legiit

“PBNs still work… when used correctly. Unlike 2014 you can’t just fire 10 PBN at a site and just rank.

They won’t be effective as your first link, or as your only links. In order to effectively use a PBN you first need to establish your website as a brand, properly optimize your on-site SEO, and build a diverse link foundation.

Your PBNs can then be the final thing to help finish getting up page 1.

To use an analogy, when I was a kid there was an arcade called “Punch Out” it was a boxing game where your regular punches were a jab and a right hook, that was where you did most of the damage.

That is your on page and your link foundation. There was also a big red button for an uppercut, that was your knockout punch, that is what a PBN is for… to punch your way to the top of Google.”

Rad Paluszak

Rad Paluszak
Rad Paluszak

Rad Paluszak – Director of SEO at The Search Initiative

To PBN or not to PBN, that is the question…

I believe PBNs are one of the most controversial SEO subjects ever.

First of all, I’ve seen PBNs built for $30 a pop with shocking content quality, terrible onsite and full of footprints. I’ve also seen great sites, which I’d never assume, were, in fact, just PBNs.

What is a PBN, then?

Well, if we go by the definition that it’s any site which purpose is to bring link juice to your money site, we could call almost everything a PBN.

If we go by the definition that a PBN is a site WE have built as a part of a bigger link network, and it’s only meant to link to OUR money site, then it narrows down a lot. However, for me, it’s still not enough.

Many of us in the industry are in this mindset that a PBN site is always bad, whatsoever. Some PBNs are actually better designed, optimised and drive more traffic than a lot of money sites I’ve seen. In cases like this, even when a domain is a part of a network, I don’t class it as a PBN.

For me, a PBN is a crappy site (or a cluster of tens or hundreds of sites) which sole purpose is to link out and nothing (or not much) else.  However, when it adds value and has the potential to gain its own, monetisable traffic, for me, it becomes just another online asset. If it happens 😉 that we also use this asset to link to our other, more important, money site… Well, so be it! Google has hundreds of websites in their the network, and no one claims they’re building a PBN 🙂

Do PBNs work?

For those who know me, it will come as no surprise that I’ll say: it depends.

PBNs are not dead, though! Deployed on carefully picked domains, creatively built, made free of footprints, where the owner went an extra mile developing – they clearly work now and will probably still work well for years. By the way, again, these are often websites I would personally not even class as PBNs.

On the other hand, if someone would rather cut corners and tries to “get rich quick”, they should be ready to (sooner or later) get penalised.

Bearing in mind that the link building is mainly just the numbers game, you could be lucky for quite sometime before the algorithm gets good enough to understand and punish your tricks. Or it might never happen.

Are PBNs a good link building tactic in 2019?

I am personally NOT the greatest fan of PBNs. Although I know that they work, and I’ve built and tested thousands of them in the past, coldly calculating, they’re just too dangerous for scaling and linking as the 1st tier.

I’m going to say that there are much safer and more scalable tactics which site owners, affiliates and agencies can use. Therefore, why not stay on the safe side?

At the end of the day, it all depends on your skills, experience and how much you want to risk.

I’m sure there are niches soaking with PBNs and others where they’re just not needed because good content gets natural links… Or does it?

Fernando Raymond

Fernando Raymond
Fernando Raymond

Fernando Raymond – Founder at ClickDo

PBN s works as long as they are built to be genuine blogs to add value to the web reader. It should no more be a P and be a blog with content and looks like a brand.

I believe it’s a link from authentic blogs that helps the budge.

Subhash Choudhary

Subhash Choudhary
Subhash Choudhary

Subhash Choudhary – Co-Founder at Rankz

For me, Yes PBN is still working. Almost 80% of our Off-page is PBNs and it takes most of the off-page budget.

Choose between a link from a “High authority” domain which also links to 80000 other domains or a link from a Mid to low authority domain which links exclusively to you (with a very low OBL profile)…

Which one you think will hold more value?

A Private Domain (PBN) is a no-brainer in the above case, however, I must admit that finding a domain with even decent authority is much harder & expensive then it was 2 years back.

The problem with PBN or any much talked about SEO method is, the more people try to use it, the less effective & harder it becomes for the rest.

Today, Anything you can get on public expired domain listing sites is probably junk and a decent auction domain will go above 300-500$. I often see people complaining that they built a PBN, got a link back but the ranks didn’t jump overnight as expected. Was it the “PBN” that didn’t work? No, it was because they are lazy & broke.

They didn’t invest the time it takes to re-build the site. They didn’t make sure that original pages with backlinks are restored. They didn’t add quality content which compliments the site.

All they did was – Buy an expired (bad) domain, install WordPress, post spin content with a link back to their site and expect it to work. To conclude, PBN still works, but it’s not a quick silver bullet anymore.

You have to invest a significant amount of money, time & resources into building a private network of high-quality blogs. And once you do that, it’s well worth the investment.

Joe Graisbery

Joe Graisbery
Joe Graisbery

Joe Graisbery – Owner/Managing Director at SEO Content Hero

PBNs still work if you use them properly.

I use PBNs mostly to boost guest posts. I also use them at the beginning of campaigns to get new sites out of the sandbox.

I would ONLY use PBNs from trusted vendors that use rigorous testing processes.

Only an experienced person knows how to properly vet a PBN

Must test to determine if toxic. In my experience, if building them, the best thing is to use auction domain, Expired Domains also work, but it is a lot of work to go through just to find an expired is toxic. Large Percentage is Toxic.New domain exact match keyword = good.

Sunny Kumar

Sunny Kumar
Sunny Kumar

Sunny Kumar – Founder at TheGuideX

PBN’s are nothing more than mini authority blogs which I use and interlink them to rank my main money making authority site. PBN Quality should never be compromised, building and managing PBN is not a tough task if done with proper toolset and Applications, you just need to find easier ways to reduce your workload and Save time in managing them and more focus on Quality while developing them, you need to take care of all things hosting them over Different IP’s to finding best relevant domain for your PBN.


After all, experts answer the common thing was they said PBN only works if used they build and use them properly and from this, we can conclude PBN works in 2019.Feel Free to Comment if you have any queries regarding PBN & Don’t forget to Bookmark our Homepage for PBN Updates.

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