Seekahost Hosting Review – A Cheap and Reliable Hosting Solution for SEOs

Seekahost hosting review

Choosing the perfect host for your online ventures is not really an easy task. In spite of tons of reviews on hosting services offered by different companies, there is still confusion among the new webmasters. You need to consider few things while picking up a hosting service for your blog or website.

Price is also a deciding factor, especially for the newbies. Dozens of websites get hacked every week and tons of them get infected by viruses and malware. Some webmasters complain that their hosting is unable to manage when there is a traffic spike. Uptime is another issue which most of the webmasters complain about.

SeekaHost was founded by an SEO expert Fernando Raymond in 2015. Though they are new to the hosting business, they had managed to earn a considerable number of loyal customers. Seekahost are often praised for their cheaper prices, solid security and consistent uptime.

They have rolled over Private Blog Network recently and it has won super positive reviews from the SEO experts and SEO consultancies. If you are looking for a budget-friendly hosting where you can host multiple domains with kickass security then Seekahost is probably the best choice for you.

In this review, we’ll explore the features of Seekahost hosting and also see their pros and cons. We’ll also dive deep on Seekahost PBN hosting. Let’s jump in without any delays!

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Seekahost Hosting Review



Seekahost Hosting Review – A Cheap and Reliable Hosting Solution for SEOs

Seekahost Pricing and Plans

SeekaHost provides hosting services at cheaper prices. Their packages suit for the webmasters who run just a single blog or for the ones who run multiple websites or blogs. Basically, they provide three kinds of hosting.

Personal Web Hosting

Personal Web Hosting packages are best suitable for personal websites and small business websites.

Seekahost offers 3 hosting plans under Personal Web Hosting section – Small, Medium and Large. The Small plan can host a single domain and you get 1GB disk space and 10GB bandwidth. The Medium plan can handle 3 domains and it comes with 3 GB disk space and 30 GB data transfer. The Large plan can host 5 domains and you get 5GB disk space and 50 GB bandwidth.

All these plans can host unlimited email accounts. The prices are $1.99, $3.99, $5.99 per month for the Small, Medium and Large plans. These are probably the cheapest prices in the industry. Considering the dozens of awesome features provided by Seekahost, these prices are definitely cheap and the best fit for the new webmasters.

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Business Hosting

Business Hosting is a powerhouse. It suits the best for the internet marketers who run dozens of blogs.


This package can handle 5 domains.  You get 10GB of disk space and 100GB of bandwidth. It’s the best hosting plan for small businesses.


You can host 10 domains. Both the disk space and bandwidth are unlimited. Moreover, you get a free domain if you subscribe for the annual plan.


You can host up to 15 domains on this plan. Disk space and data transfer are unlimited. You get a Free SSL and domain if you purchase the annual plan.


The unlimited plan is suitable for enterprises. It can handle unlimited domains with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Apart from that, you get a priority customer support, free domain name, and free SSL on the annual plans.

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PBN Hosting

PBN hosting is designed for SEOs. PBN hosting lets the SEO experts run their PBNs securely at an affordable price.

5 IP PBN Hosting

You get 5 separate IPs with 2 GB disk space and 20 GB bandwidth. It’s the best PBN hosting plan for the small PBNs and the best part is it costs just $1.1 per month!

10 IP PBN Hosting

It comes with 10 separate IPs with 5GB disk space and 50 GB data transfer.

In the same way, Seekahost provides PBN hosting with 30 separate IPs, 40 separate IPs and up to 70 separate IPs. You can seamlessly manage an enterprise level PBN network on Seekahost PBN hosting without any issues. We’ll explore the best features of Seekahost PBN hosting later in this article.

Now, that we have covered the plans and prices, let’s explore the best features of Seekahost web hosting.

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Best Features of Seekahost

Uptime Guarantee

Uptime is one of the important factors you need to check when you are choosing a web hosting service for your website. Seekahost guarantees 99.9% uptime and it’s definitely much better than the industry standard of 99.4%. The best thing with Seekahost is they maintain the uptimes very consistently. Except for the rare times where the servers are under maintenance, you’ll get your site running almost all the time.

Antivirus Software

Protecting your website from the viruses is super important or else it ends up in the hands of hackers. All the hosting packages including the most basic plans offered by Seekahost comes with an in-built antivirus software program. So, you need not worry about the hackers and your information is in safe hands.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth is data transferred to your visitor when he visit your site. Majority of the web hosting companies crash the websites if they cross the bandwidth limit. It’s not the case with Seekahost. They provide unlimited bandwidth to all their customers. Even if your site receives hundereds and thousands of visitors, Seekahost won’t throttle your site.

WordPress Auto-install

WordPress is the favorite CMS for the bloggers. It’s extremely easy to run a blog on the WordPress platform. Wouldn’t it be time-saving if the hosts provide WordPress auto-installation? You need not mess around with the FTPs, databases and all. Seekahost seamlessly installs WordPress on your domain automatically. Managing WordPress blogs on Seekahost is super easy. It just takes a few minutes to install WordPress on your brand new blog.

Free Website Transfer

Transferring the website to the servers of your new web host is not as easy as it seems. It takes hours and your site make a break down if you do it in the wrong way. Mainstream hosting companies like Bluehost charge anywhere between $50-$100 to transfer the website. Seekahost offers a free website transfer to the customers who opt for the annual plans.

Seekahost migration services support for these CMS

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • PHP Websites
  • PHP Code Ignitor
  • OpenCart
  • HTML Sites
  • Magento

If you are using a custom-made CMS, you just need to email Seekahost customer support.


SSL is kind of mandatory thing now. You need an SSL certificate for every website. Seekahost provides a free SSL certificate for their annual plan customers. If you are running an e-commerce store, an SSL certificate is a must. SSL certificates ensure that sensitive information like credit card details, bank details, personal details are secured with 256-bit encryption. Contact the Seekahost customer support after a day or two once you purchase their hosting. They will setup the SSL certificate on your domain.

Ease of Use

Seekahost cPanel is easy to use. It has a simple interface which makes it easier for even the newbie webmasters to manage their websites. You can manage email, databases, files, and everything from cPanel.

What is Seekahost PBN Hosting?

Probably no other hosting company understands the SEO needs of the typical blogger like Seekahost web hosting. As mentioned earlier, Seekahost was founded by an SEO expert Fernando Raymond. Seekahost PBN hosting services are specially designed to enrich the SEO efforts of bloggers and webmasters.

Seekahost understands the immense potential of PBNs and they have designed a platform to host the PBN networks securely. The technicians at Seekahost are SEO experts and they’ll guide you in every way to manage your private blog networks. Here are some of the best features of Seekahost PBN hosting.

Seekahost PBN Hosting Features

Premium Data Centers

Location plays a huge role in SEO. You need to make sure that the website is served from the nearest datacenter to the visitor to make sure that your site ranks well in the search engines. It also ensures that your website loads as fast as possible. Seekahost servers are stationed in multiple locations all over the world. They are highly committed to maintaining the network running and the best part is you can choose the location for your site.

Affordable PBN Hosting

Running a PBN is an expensive affair. The major portion of expenses goes to the hosting. Seekahost provides the most affordable and reliable PBN hosting and it is extremely easy to manage the PBNs. It just costs $1 per month. There are plans which can even host 70 IPs PBNs. Get in touch with their support staff to know the best suitable PBN hosting plan for you.

100% Uptime

Reliable and fast content delivery ensures superior rankings on the search engines. Seekahost excels in providing the best uptime to their PBN hosting customers. Excluding the maintenance period, they ensure 100% uptime for their PBN hosting. They have also included anti-spam programs like SpamAssassin to ensure that your blogs are spam free.

All Features Included

A PBN hosting package from Seekahost comes with all the features that are included in the general hosting packages. You’ll get MySQL databases, Emails, one-click WordPress installation, DNS functions, support for technologies like RoR, PHP, JavaScript, Zend etc, unlimited FTPs, unlimited subdomains etc.

SEO Expert Support

Seekahost offers 24/7 support. The awesome thing about their support is their staff are SEO experts. They’ll help you with everything you need to setup your PBNs. You can ping them whenever you are stuck while creating a PBN.

Enterprise Standard

Seekahost made sure that all their data centers are equipped with redundant switches, high-end power systems, routers, fire suppression systems, climate control facilities etc. It means that your PBNs are secured and running all the time. They also ensure that they update software and hardware resources from time to time.

Overall, PBN hosting plans from Seekahost are perfectly optimized for SEO and PBN websites. Their prices are cheap and there are no hidden costs. It removes all the stress on the SEO agencies in managing the PBNs.

Why is the PBN Hosting from Seekahost is the best in the industry?

Firstly, there are very few web hosting companies which understand the true importance of SEO. Internet marketers rely on the SEO practices to drive traffic to their websites. A good web hosting company must enrich the SEO efforts of their customers and it must be able to provide necessary security for their private blog networks.

Seekahost has got everything which is expected by the SEO professionals or SEO agencies. Here are the few things that make PBN hosting from Seekahost the best one out there.

  • All the PBN hosting plans on Seekahost are brilliantly optimized for SEO websites and PBN networks.
  • Running the PBNs is no more an expensive task. The plans are affordable and they are the best fit for small budget SEO agencies.
  • Their customer support knows everything about SEO. They are the SEO pros and they’ll help you to rank your website.
  • They keep a clost watch on the suspicious activities. They employ the latest technologies to keep your PBNs secured and spam-free.
  • They have the fair-pricing policy and they do not have any hidden costs. You can get relieved from all the stress in managing a successful PBN network.
  • They upgrade their infrastructure regularly. It means it is easy to sustain and maintain your precious PBNs for a longer time.

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Seekahost Coupon Code

This is the updated list od Black Friday Seekahost Deals, grab below coupons to avail huge discount on Seekahost hosting

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
(28-Nov-2019 to 02-Dec-2019)

PBN Hosting Packages
20% Off Monthly & Quarterly Packages Coupon Code BLACK20
15% Off Annual & Half Yearly Packages Coupon Code BLACK15

Personal Web Hosting
80% Off Monthly & Quarterly Packages, Coupon Code BLACK80
50% Off Annual & Half Yearly Packages Coupon Code BLACK50

Business Web Hosting
90% Off Monthly & Quarterly Packages Coupon Code BLACK90
60% Off Annual & Half Yearly Packages Coupon Code BLACK60

Shared SEO Hosting Packages
50% Off Monthly & Quarterly Packages Coupon Code BLACK50
25% Off Annual & Half Yearly Packages Coupon Code BLACK25

VPS SEO Hosting Packages
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25% Off Annual & Half Yearly Packages Coupon Code BLACK25

Wrapping up

Though WordPress is the best platform to manage the website/blog, it has got it’s own set of negatives. Spam is the scary thing and unfortunately there are just a few ways to deal with the spam comments. Seekahost takes care of the spam comments. They SpamAssasin program is one of the best and it ensures that you don’t get spam comments on your WordPress blogs.

Seekahost are flabbergasting, especially considering their dead cheap prices. Seekahost support team is excellent and they understand each and every aspect of SEO which is great! Undoubtedly, Seekahost is the best affordable web hosting out there enriching the SEO efforts of their customers. PBN hosting is reliable and provides a safe environment to grow your PBN network.

The best part is they are stunningly cheap. You won’t find the secure PBN hosting like that of Seekahost anywhere else. Their monitoring system keeps a close watch on all the suspicious activities and you get instant alerts whenever your network is under the threat. Their brilliant technicians help in every way to set up a rock solid PBN network.

Overall, we recommend Seekahost web hosting for anyone who is looking our for a cheaper web hosting services and also for the ones who are seeking affordable and secure hosting for their PBN networks.

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