SEO Hosting Reviews – 15 Best SEO Hosting Reviewed

SEO Hosting Reviews – 15 Best SEO Hosting Reviewed

It’s 2020 and web page speed has become one of the strong ranking factors that you need to consider. Without a good web host, you can not make your site’s way to the first page of Google SERPs. Even a recent survey says that more than 50% of visitors leave the page immediately if the page doesn’t load in 3 seconds.

Since page speed is now considered as a strong ranking factor that can change your SEO game; you need to be very careful about it. SEO is one of the very essential for any web. It can make or break the career of a web network.

All of your hard work and time you spent on your website in making it SEO friendly could be ruined if your web host won’t perform well. It is the reason why today I am writing this article; Today in this article, I am going to share a list of 15 best SEO friendly web hosts that can change your SEO game. So without further ado, let’s get started.

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SEO Hosting Reviews

SEO Hosting Reviews – 15 Best SEO Hosting Reviewed

What is SEO?

SEO stands of Search Engine Optimization is a technique of getting free and organic traffic from the search results on search engines. In simple words, we can say that SEO is a process to get free organic traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

SEO of a website can depend on so many factors, and we can divide all these factors into two different parts. These are on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO is an essential part because it let the search engine know that you have a website ready to provide information to visitors. There are so many things a webmaster need to cover to make their website on-page SEO friendly and page speed are one of them.

What is SEO Hosting?

SEO Hosting is used by SEO Experts to host their Blogs on different IP Class C Network which help them to safely host their PBN Networks & Real Blogs, Website hosted are linked to different Class C IP’s.

How we choose these 15 web host as best SEO friendly web host?

Before proceeding further, I want to let you know that an SEO friendly web host does not only mean the fastest web host. Speed plays a major role, but you need to consider a few more things. Here I am going to talk about four major things that I consider before choosing a right web host, and I have tested all of the mentioned sites in the list with these factors, and then I have prepared this list.


The very first factor that everyone should consider before signing up for a web host is speed. Page load time plays a significant role in ranking your website on search engines. If your page speed is not good, Google or other search engines won’t let your site come even in the first page. Even in some cases they directly penalize your domain for bad loading time.

“Web pages don’t have loading bars. So if the page is slow, the visitor doesn’t know if the page will load in 500 milliseconds or 15 seconds. Or maybe it won’t load. But the visitor has a back button,” said Andy Crestodina from Orbit Media.

Also, the more visitors leave your page without spending time on your web page will increase the bounce rate of your page. And the bounce rate is another biggest factor of SEO. In this condition, I would suggest you go for a web host with good reviews for their page speed.


The next thing I check before choosing a web host is their uptime percentage. Uptime is an essential factor because it can make or break your business. A web host provider needs to put a lot of efforts to make sure their servers experience as small downtime as possible. If your host provider doesn’t give priority to maintain the uptime, you can lose $$ from your earning.

Also, if your site faces a lot of downtimes, then it will harm long term SEO of your site. Even your potential customers will not be able to access your website, and it can lead you to the loss of earning. Also, it can increase the bounce rate that takes a lot of time to repair.

Support Quality

Now it is not a ranking factor but a very important aspect that everyone should care about. A lot of people don’t give much value to customer support unless they need to deal with any issues. Good customer support can help you solving your problem in seconds to make your experience much better with them.

That’s why you should choose a web hosting company with a great reputation, especially for their customer support. As most of the web host offers a trial period; I will suggest you test your web hosts customer support within a week of signup with a technical question. And see how they respond and what kind of expertise they show.

If your web host doesn’t respond properly, then there are chances that he will leave you in the lurch in future if you face any issue. If your website stays unresponsive for a few days, it can lead you to the ranking loss for months. That’s why choosing a web host with good quality support is necessary.

Data Centers

The last but not the least thing that one should consider before choosing a web host is datacenter. Datacenter or server location (whatever you say) has a direct impact on the speed of your website. If you want your site to load within a second, then you must consider the geographical location where your servers are located. Having datacenter close to your targeted visitors can help your website to load within a second.

Now to understand it easily, suppose that your targeted customers or visitors are from the USA, then you have to choose a web host with the data center located in New York, Chicago, Washington or somewhere in the USA. If you do so, then your website will load within seconds for the visitors of the USA.

So these were the four major factors that I consider before choosing a web host. There are a lot more things that you can have a look, but if your host offers these four things, then I don’t think you should be worrying about other things.

So, it’s the time to start our list of 15 best web hosting for SEO. So let’s dive into it-


Seekahost hosting review
Seekahost hosting review

SeekaHost is a very famous web host among bloggers. It is a London based web host launched in 2000 by Fernando Raymond. With the high-end infrastructure, data centers located in multiple locations, and their smart and friendly customer support; SeekaHost is one of the best budget-friendly web hosting solution currently available according to me.

I am using their service from the past eight months and whatever they claim about service is true. I mean I merely faced any downtime in this long period, and even the page speed was good enough. The average page speed I got was between 500ms-650ms, which is good enough for the price you’re paying. Now keep this thing in mind that I have optimized my site very well to achieve these results. However, you can also get these kinds of results with a few tweaks.

Apart from this, SeekaHost is a company with good past records. They offer very friendly, knowledgeable customer support and offers the traditional cPanel. Moreover, they provide features like one-click script installer and support to many other technologies like PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CGI-Bin, Ruby on Rails, etc. Their servers are using 4GH Linux hosting, which means they are running on PHP7. For a price point of $7.99/month where you can host up to five domains, I don’t think SeekaHost would be a wrong choice.

They even listed top on the PBN Hosting Review Guide Written by us, which means they are one of the trusts worth Hosting Company for SEOs in the market.

Detailed Guide about Seekahost Hosting written by me, don’t forget to check it out.

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Multiple Cloud

Multiple Cloud is a good web host with servers located in multiple countries around the world. Selection of the location is pretty easy and simple, and you can create as many accounts you want with it. There is no limit on account creation, and that is the best thing that I liked about Multiple Cloud.

It was launched in 2014, and since then they have managed to expand their service and currently offers more than 120 unique IPs from English-speaking world. Multiple Cloud can be a good option for developers, micro niche bloggers, and SEO agencies. Moreover, to ensure the privacy of your sites, they provide unique nameservers for each domain with WhoIS privacy.

Instead of using traditional cPanel, it comes with a very simple dashboard which can be a good option for PBN owners or newbies, but it can be a deal-breaking thing for developers or professionals who are used to work on cPanel. However, their dashboard supports one-click script installer that supports a variety of CMS, including WordPress, and Drupal. They have flexible pricing so you can check them out.

Easy Blog Networks

Easy Blog Networks was launched back in 2014 by NITEO, and since then they are providing quality services to their customers. I am using EBN’s hosting to manage my PBN’s and trust me. I am pretty impressed by their service.

They offer a very easy-to-use interface that allows you to set up your WordPress website in just a few clicks. Also, it offers some other premium features like one-click HTTPS setup and SEO metrics & Indexion status kind of tools for free. However, it is not for the single website owner as they don’t offer a plan for a single website, and you need to buy a plan of 10 IPs.

Easy Blog Networks personally don’t own any web server whereas they provide you hosting services from other hosting providers like DigitalOcean, Linode, AWS, RackSpace, LiquidWeb, etc. Because of this, they can provide you hosting from  500+ unique IP addresses with 100+ data centers by 18+ web hosting providers from English speaking countries. That’s why EBN is being considered as one of the best web hosting services for PBNs.



PBN.Hosting is one of the very popular hosting solutions among SEOs, especially for PBNs. Their servers are highly optimized for speed and are much reliable. They also have a well-qualified support team which is 24*7 available to help you in getting out of any situation.

Since this web host mainly focuses on PBN services, you’ll find diversity in IPs and Data Centers. You can choose the data center for your blog according to your targeted visitors. However, if you’re an agency or a developer, then the diversity of IPs can be helpful for you as all of your clients can have unique IP addresses.

Like EBN, They also offer us services from popular and trusted web hosting providers such as DigitalOcean, AWS, Azure, etc. Thus, you’ll get the nameservers from a few of the most trusted hosting providers. Even they use 6-tier CDN system that ensures lightning speed and anonymity.


NoNameInternet was launched in early 2013, and since then they are constantly growing and currently they have more than 50000+ domain registered with them. They claim to use more than 90 servers around the world from multiple hosting companies. Mainly they have their servers located in Canada, India, USA, Ukraine, Germany, India, etc.

The account creation process in NoNameInternet is a bit slow. It takes somewhere around 24 hours to set up a fresh account after signing up. However, once the process gets completed, and you get your cPanel access and other details, the rest thing goes pretty quick like a cakewalk.

NoNameInternet has a few complaints saying that most of the addresses are from non-English speaking countries. Although their pricing is a bit low than most of the competitors, I’ll still say that it is just okay service.

Buy Bulk Hosting

Buy Bulk Hosting is one of the best budget-friendly hosting services for PBN blogs. One can host up to 350+ PBN blogs with them. Even you can upgrade or downgrade your service at any point with just a few clicks. On their base plan, they offer 400 MB disk space and 5 GB of bandwidth, which is more than enough for PBNs.

They offer the traditional cPanel which comes with a one-click script installer. It can install more than 50+ scripts in just a few clicks. Similar to EBN and PBN.Hosting, Buy bulk hosting also don’t own any web servers or datacenters; whereas they use the reseller hosting account of sites like HostGator, InMotion, NameCheap, etc.

The base plan of Buy Bulk Hosting cost $26/month, where you can host up to 10 PBN domains. Pricing is comparatively cheap in Buy Bulk Hosting and with excellent customer support, Buy Bulk Hosting can be the savior for your Private Blog Network.


One of the cheapest web host on our list is BlueSEO, which just cost $1/month per domain. Yeah, you read it right, BlueSEO just cost $1 per domain, but you can only add up to 28 domains. They ensure to provide separate nameservers on each of the domain so that your PBN doesn’t leave any footprints.

BlueSEO seems good for those who are just starting their journey with PBNs but not for the large PBN owners. Also, the cPanel might be annoying because, inside a single cPanel, you need to manage all of your PBNs hosted with them. Even to set up your PBNs, you need to send them a list of URLs, and then they’ll set up the whole network for you.

Despite the fact, they don’t offer a dashboard, and limited features; BlueSEO is a good option for those who are looking for a cheaper solution but if you want a secure,  scalable, and quality PBN solution then BlueSEO is certainly not for you.

PAZ Hosting

PAZ Hosting was launched in 2014, and since then they’re providing PBN hosting from their early time. Since then they have some of their customers still connected with them even now in 2019. It ensures that how much trusted this hosting solution is for PBNs.

Unlike BlueSEO, PAZ hosting offers a dashboard, but the dashboard is not properly managed. Working in this dashboard is pretty simple and easy, and it enhances the experience. However, the problem is that you can not add a domain directly to your dashboard. To add a domain, you need to raise a support ticket, and this entire process of adding the domain can take up to 24 hours. The pricing is decent; it’s not cheap nor the costlier one.

The nameservers and diversity in IP are good enough. It cost just $89 for 50 IPs so it can be a good option for those who are looking for a solution under budget. But if you’re looking for reliable, secure and scalable service, then you can go with any other alternative from the list.


It is a popular name for PBN host among bloggers and SEOs because of their quality services and budget-friendly pricing. It offers more than 85 class A IPs with over 350+ class A and B IPs around the world. Along with a properly managed control dashboard, they offer traditional cPanel and Softaculas one-click script installer.

Furthermore, they offer different nameservers for each domain and each IP; thus, there won’t be any footprints. Even they provide a dedicated cPanel for each domain so that managing the network becomes very easy.

They have their servers located in multiple locations so that tracking PBN even with HTTP header technique is not possible. I am pretty impressed by the services and features they offer in a very tight budget. They are offering great security for your PBN. Setting up a domain with them cost somewhere between $1.60 to $2.20 per month, which is comparatively cheap than other competitors in the market.


LaunchCDN is one of the very trusted and quality PBN solutions. If you have got a good budget and looking for a premium quality service, then there is no better choice than LaunchCDN. They’ve all of their servers leading cloud service providers such as Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare, and StackPath.

In terms of security and privacy, LaunchCDN is best. They use popular nameservers, unique IP addresses, and CDNs to make sure there won’t be any footprints. Even it allows for editing MX records of all of your domains. They also offer SSL certificates for each domain you will host with them. It increases legitimacy.

Another thing that I like about LaunchCDN is they are pretty advanced with almost every aspect. They offer a great organized dashboard, the latest technology, free SSL, CDNs, and so many other things. Also, they regularly rotate IP addresses so that no one can trace you. Since all of your domains are hosted on cloud servers, the speed they offer is just awesome. However, some might see the pricing a bit high, but every single feature they provide justifies the price. I highly recommend you to try this service if you got a good budget.


GoPBN is a recently launched PBN solution, but he has gained a lot of popularity in a very short time. However, if you have a look at GoPBN, you’ll notice one thing that it is one of the most expensive PBN hosting services on our list. It cost $187.5/month for 50 blogs, which is exactly 50% more expensive than EBN.

They offer a great dashboard, which is pretty neat and clear. It enhances the user experience and makes navigation a lot easier. Like others, they also keep rotating the IP, and every domain gets a unique nameserver and IP so that it won’t leave any footprints. Their service is much secured. Also, you can setup up to 1000+ PBNs with them without any hassles and can scale them whenever you want.

GoPBN offers a very similar setup like EBN. However, they support Joomla and Ghost CMS along with WordPress, but still, I don’t think it can be a major reason to pay them a double price. They had not disclosed the list of hosting providers they are using to host our blogs. However,  I can say one thing that they have a lower diversification of hosts than EBN. If you want a trusted, secured, and hassle-free service and have a good budget then you can go with GoPBN otherwise I would highly recommend using EBN instead of this.


Cloudways is a highly scalable, managed cloud server mainly targeted for the developers. Unlike others, it is the best web hosting solution for a big website with a large number of traffics. While other hosting services in the list are mainly focusing on PBN hosting, this one is targeting individual customers.

It is a service similar to the DigitalOcean or Vultr. The plans are pretty flexible, and the deployment of the droplet hardly takes a minute. Also, since your blogs are hosted on SSD, the loading speed is incredibly fast. To increase the performance of WordPress, they have implemented a plugin called Breeze.

Its service is very easy to use, but you must have to understand several technical things for a great experience. Also, they offer great customer support. Unlike DigitalOcean, they also provide a one-click WordPress installation that can be a good point for many of you as DO requires a lot of technical knowledge to proceed. They also offer free SSL, and they have a huge list of data centers to choose from. is similar to many other PBN hosting solutions in the list, but they deal only in cloud web servers. They connect your PBN blogs to the major cloud platforms like DigitalOcean, Linode, Amazon S3, Vultr, Cloudways, etc. Even it allows you to choose which service you want to use. You can choose any of them, and in just 3-5 minutes, you can set up your blog.

Another thing that I liked about their service is their in-built site rebuilder. With the help of this tool, you can restore any number of sites directly from the Wayback Machine. Furthermore, they offer so many free tools, including indexing status monitor, HTML editors, Virtualmin, many other tools that help to make many things automated.

Overall, it is a good hosting solution to build a quality PBN. All the servers are reliable and won’t go down. All the platforms they use already have great reputations and trust among users. Besides that they also offer a no question asked 30 days money-back guarantee. Despite the fact it is an expensive service I recommend using it because the tools they offer justifies the price they’re charging.

Khan Web Host

Khan Web Host offers PBN hosting but on a very basic level. It only allows to a maximum of 15 domains, which mean it is not for large networks. However, if you’ve just started building your PBNs, then you can give it a try.

Even they are the cheapest one that is providing PBN hosting services. They charge $135/year to host 15 domains with them. It means they’re not even taking $1 per month for a domain. However, their service has a lot of flaws. They don’t reveal the hosts they are using, nor they mention about the class of their IPs.  It seems like they’re using cheap hosting services and their IP are C-class.

Although they provide some great features like one-click WordPress installation, three days money return guarantee, and free site migration but still, for PBNs I don’t think it is a good choice at all.

Cloak Hosting

Cloak Hosting Review
Cloak Hosting Review

Cloak hosting is the most expensive one in the list that provides hosting services for PBNs. Yes, they’re even costlier than GoPBN. Cloak hosting charge $47/month for just 10 IP. Which mean you need to pay $4.7 per domain. However, there is no doubt they provide an excellent service but those services not worth the price you pay.

They offer 50+ Class-A IP with various hosts. They offer a good diversity of IPs, but they haven’t disclosed the list of hosts they’re using. It gives less confident to SEOs. However, they offer unlimited disk space and unmetered bandwidth, but that doesn’t require for a PBN. Because of the IP diversity and technologies they use, they won’t leave any footprints, which is a good thing.

The dashboard they offer is very simple and clean. It takes just a few minutes to start building a network. Their customer support is decent and provides support via email tickets and phone. However, it needs some serious improvements. They also provide a 14 days trial so that you can decide whether you want their service or not.

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Wrapping up

There were the 15 best SEO hosting that I’ve reviewed. Some of the hosting sites in the list are great like SeekaHost, EBN, GoPBN, CloudWays, LaunchCDN, etc. But these are the ones that require a good budget. SEO Hosting plays a good role in building a strong PBN Network which is footprint-free. However, you need to keep this thing in mind that PBNs requires a good budget. If you don’t have a budget, then I suggest you drop the idea to start a PBN for some time. Else you can start with building a small network and later on when your PBN starts paying you back, increase your network.

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