Cheap PBN Links – 7 Reasons Why should you never buy cheap PBN links?

Why should you never buy cheap PBN links - PBN Guru

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, PBN links are not a safe game to play. Hence there are so many people out there who often suggest you not to use PBN links for your money website though Cheap PBN Links would definetely hit you hard in long run. However, this is not absolutely true.

Of course, we cannot deny the fact that PBN links can harm our blog. But there are lots of metrics that you need to take care of before you take a link from a PBN.

But if you look around the internet, there are so many gigs are available on different freelancing websites that offer cheap PBN links. Plus these gigs even promise to rank your website in SERP as soon as possible.

So the question is should you go for those Cheap PBN links? The answer is a big NO, and there are multiple reasons behind it. So let’s just go ahead and talk about our question that says why you should never buy cheap pbn links?

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Cheap PBN Links – 7 Reasons Why should you never buy cheap PBN links?

Cheap PBN Links – 7 Reasons Why should you never buy cheap PBN links?


Building and managing a Private Blogging Network is not an easy game. It requires a hell lot of money and patience.

As you already know an expired domain could cost anywhere between $50 to $400. Furthermore, it will need hosting and WHOIS protection. So the overall setting cost of setting a PBN domain costs around $200.

Also, a PBN needs to be updated from time to time. So if you are expecting to get PBN links at a cheap price. Then you have to compromise on the quality.

Since quality matters a lot, so if you do not get quality backlinks to your money site. Then you will not be able to rank highest. Instead there is a high chance that Google would penalize your blog and as a result, you have to leave it.

Usually, most of the Cheap PBN link providers offers spammy links.

These links are basically from different and irrelevant niches which do not help your blog to rank in SERPs at all. These links might give you visibility in SERP for a quite some time. But in the long run, these links will end up harming your blog.

Requires a hell lot of time

Requires hell lot time
Requires a hell lot time

As we have just mentioned the fact that PBNs requires a hell lot of time to build. The time goes in searching domains, setting the website up, writing contents and so on.

However, most of the Cheap PBN links builder out there do not care much about finding quality domains. They only look for domains which are expired and available for cheap. They do not look at the trust flow of a domain, nor they look into the backlink profile.

Even according to a report, minimum 80% of the domains out there are unqualified. Hence finding the right domain takes a hell lot of time.

But since, cheap PBN sellers are using low authority domains. Hence, as a result, they are able to offer links at a low price.

High risk

At the starting of this game, we have had said that PBN links are not a safe game to play. Cheap PBN links can easily make your website go deindexed or get a manual penalty from Google.

So in such scenarios, all your hard work and money on your website will be wasted. Hence, as a result, you should be as safe as possible.

However, when you buy a cheap PBN link, it does not offer you any quality. Instead, it increases the risk of getting a manual penalty. And that is something you obviously do not want your website to face.

Lots of Outbound Links

If a website is offering lots of outbound links in an non relevant way, then Google sees that website in a strange way. Since most of the Cheap PBN links sellers create their private blogging network to sell links only.

Hence, as a result, they embed lots of outbound links which is something is not right. This will also land your website under Google’s terms and conditions validations. As a result, your blog might get deindexed, or it will receive a manual penalty.

No Unique Content

Most of the Cheap PBN link sellers do not write content by themselves. Instead, they copy the content from some websites and spin it a couple of times.

Hence, as a result, you get a backlink from a low quality content which will not add much value to your website.

Furthermore, they also offer irrelevant content for your backlink. This is also something that is going to alert Google about your activities, and you might get banned.

You Do Not Hold Any Rights

The thing about the cheap backlinks is that you do not own any rights. Just in case if you ever feel like deleting the PBN backlink. You will not be able to do so. Since you do not own any rights.

So if you get penalized someday and the only way to solve the issue to remove the backlinks. Well, in such scenarios you will not be able to do so. This is also one of the top reasons why you should not use any cheap backlink.

However, the expensive cheap PBN guides often offer you to change the backlinks without any issues. So it completely depends on where you are getting the link.

These are some of the top points on why you should never buy cheap pbn links. Now to make you understand in a better way, let’s talk about the what is the risk behind PBN:

What’s the Risk?

Google simply does not want you to use PBN links. Hence, as a result, they keep looking for backlink sources of a blog and if they find anything wrong. They go ahead and ban the website.

As a result, all the efforts, time and money that you have added to scale up your SEO game will go to waste.

However, there is no guarantee that Google will ban your website. Even there is just a 50% chance. That is why there are lots of people who spend thousands of money on PBN links so they can get the best ROI.

So the point over here is that if you want to get quality PBN links. Then you either have to hire an SEO firm. Or you can create them by yourself. So whichever way you choose it will cost you a hell lot of money.

But if you are going to build the private blogging network by yourself, then you will be able to save quite a lot of bucks. Since you do not have to pay for any links. Instead, you can start two or three PBN websites and scale them up. Once they start giving you a great result, you can expand your PBN network, and you are all good.

 Final Words

So that was all for the article. Now that you know why you should not use cheap PBN links, it’s your call to decide what would be the best for you. If you ask us, we would suggest you create PBN backlinks by yourself only.

This will help you to create a private blogging network without leaving any backlinks, and you will be able to play a safe game in the long run.

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